Vincenzo Salemme

24 July 1957 in Bacoli (prov. Napoli )



After completing high school, achieved at Liceo Umberto I in Naples, he enrolled at the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Naples Federico II. He debuted in the comedy Ballad and death of a capitano del popolo, hired by Tato Russo, in 1976. The following year in Rome enters the company of Eduardo De Filippo, where he took part in Those recorded many years ago, as an extra, the cylinder and the sindaco del rione sanità, broadcast on Raiuno in the late ' 70. After the death of Eduardo, continues with his son James Dahl, until 1992. Meanwhile, in 1990, the cultural Association of E.T. and debuted at the Teatro Roma clock, with comedy Dreams, needs, nightmares and Revivals, consisting of two act plays Goodnight and Mr. stroke of geniusThe success achieved, will enable him to form a professional company, Who takes center stage, with the phrase "If the dream becomes a need, stops being dream.", after twenty five years of psychoanalysis, has enclosed the meaning of These two texts;in 1991 will take the show to those children, whom Stepchildren, containing The bosom friend, Telefono Azzurro and PassacantandoThe play the friend of the heart, will create one of his most famous movies. With the comedy people want to laugh, to be attended by Stefano Sarcinelli and Francesco Paolantoni, besides pay homage to what he calls a Spartan life, namely theatrical life, picks up a theme typical of his teacher Eduardo, the boundary between dream and reality come to such a success that in 2005 there will be a sequel to people want to laugh ... yet. Is the 1994 the show Get a unique act plays, including the comedy Sparrows and bats and the last wish, plays linked by the theme of friendship. In 1995, comes success with comedy ... and it's snowing outside, the brainchild of Enzo Iacchetti, and a year later with Giobbe Covatta and Francesco Paolantoni writes Me & HimOf 1996 is comedy Flowers of stroke for Cetty Sommella, directed by Maurizio Casagrande, and ' crazy in love, award-winning Patisserie femmene, Bellavista, all with the central theme of the woman and/or of betrayal. At the end of the years ' 90, staged By Mom there is only one, and he himself declares:


I wrote this play in 1991 and as soon as I finished I thought, "this is a text that will be in a few years."And indeed ...! I felt that the comedy was in need of rest, of sedimentation. I needed to digest it, first of all because it's a comedy full of moods that I could only manage with greater maturity, both human and artistic then because it is a play on the elderly, the inability to endure the pains, the farewells, loneliness.


In 2001, on the occasion of the inauguration of the teatro Ambra Jovinelli in Rome, it realizes I the theatre, staging excerpts from his operas. In addition to theater, Vincenzo Salemme has also acted in a few movies, debuting in the years ' 80, directed by Nanni Moretti, in dreams and the mass is ended.Other films in which she starred are, there is room for everyone, Olé, BaarìaEx, life is a wonderful thing, A Christmas wedding plannerFirst movie he directed was Friend of the heart, released in December of 1998, collects billions of Liras; This is followed by love at first sight, SMS – in disguise, No problemAmong the plays, the most famous are ... and it's snowing outside!, Sparrows or bats?, Ithe theatre, award winning Pastry Bellavistathe curious case of Felice C, DaddyOn tv was involved in two shows on Raiuno Family S Show and from North to South, and I've said it all!. It is part of the Foundation's Scientific Committee of honour John Ambrosini. In 2014, takes part in the movie starring Gigi Proietti and Massimo Boldi Ma tu di che segno sei, directed by Neri Parenti.



Filmography Actor


Sweet dreams, directed by Nanni Moretti, 1981


Bianca, directed by Nanni Moretti, 1984


La messa è finitaby Nanni Moretti, 1985


There is room for everyone, directed by Giancarlo Planta, 1990


Death of a Neapolitan mathematicianby Mario Martone, 1992


The plunge, directed by Massimo Martella, 1993


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The friend of the heart, directed by Vincenzo Salemme, 1998


Love at first sight, directed by Vincenzo Salemme, 1999


Faccia di Picasso, directed by Massimo Ceccherini, cameo .2000


Freewheeling, directed by Vincenzo Salemme, 2000


Would to heaven!, directed by Vincenzo Salemme, 2002, directed by Vincenzo Salemme, 2003


Cose da pazzi, directed by Vincenzo Salemme, 2005


Olé, directed by Carlo Vanzina, 2006


Avalon, directed by Roberto Cimpanelli, 2006


SMS-Sotto mentite spoglie, directed by Vincenzo Salemme, 2007


No problem, directed by Vincenzo Salemme, 2008


Ex, directed by Fausto Brizzi, 2009


Baarìa, Giuseppe Tornatore, 2009


Life is a wonderful thing, directed by Carlo Vanzina, 2010


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Sapore di te, directed by Carlo Vanzina, 2014


... and it's snowing outside, directed by Vincenzo Salemme, 2014


Ma tu di che segno 6?, directed by Neri Parenti, 2014


Se mi lasci non vale, directed by Vincenzo Salemme, 2016





A Sicilian in Sicily, directed by Pino Passalacqua, miniseries, 1987



Director and screenwriter


The friend of the heart, 1998


Love at first sight, 1999


Freewheeling, 2000


Would to heaven!, 2002


I saw the stars!, 2003


Cose da pazzi, 2005


SMS – in disguise, 2007


No problem, 2008


... and it's snowing outside, 2014


Se mi lasci non vale, 2016


Before Monday, directed by Massimo Cappelli 2016


Treasure hunt, directed by Carlo Vanzina 2017


The contagion, directed by Matteo Botrugno and Daniele Coluccini 2017



 Voice actor


Opopomoz, directed by Enzo D ' Alò, voice of Joseph, 2003




The cylinder, 1978


Those include many years ago, 1978


Il sindaco del rione Sanità, 1979


The storm, also directed, 1986


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Il diavolo custode, also directed, 2012


Sogni e bisogni, nightmares and revivals, also directed, 2014


An extravagant party, 2016


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Variety shows


Family S show, Rai 1, 2006


Dancing with the stars, Rai 1, 2006


From North to South, and I've said it all!, Rai 1, 2009




... and it's snowing outside, Pafpo, Milano, 1997; Sellerio, Palermo, 1999


Award-winning Patisserie Bellavista, Sellerio, Palermo, 1999


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The friend of the heartComedy in two acts, Sellerio, Palermo, 2003