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 Men on the bottom




While exercising on Submarine A103, emergence, collides with the steamship Ariel, forced to change course to avoid a fog bank. The impact produces a gash in the side of the submarine that sinks. Failed attempting to restart the submarine as it stranded on the sea floor. Using the rescue cylinder some men manage to rise to the surface and to report the exact location. Rescue ships rush Titan and Cyclops, lifting Antaeus pontoon and two seaplanes. After a few hours most of the crew was rescued. The military command prepares a plan to pump air into the flooded part of the submarine in order to squeeze out the water which weights and try to disincagliarlo. The Commander and the seven sailors Lanciani, Valdes, Nelli, Ciacci, Lakhani, Villosio and Giuma, despite the atmospheric pressure and the level of carbon dioxide have reached levels almost unbearable, they decide to stay on board to try to save the craft. Divers are able to weld the Gash, but fail to open the valve to pump air inside. You could try to open it from the inside, but the local draining pump is completely invaded by the chlorine and the enterprise seems impossible. The sailor Lakhani decides on its own initiative. Unable to open the valve and push through the air, but his hand stuck under the lever and he died intoxicated by the fumes. His sacrifice allows the submarine to put it off again. Once surfaced the submarine is greeted him warmly, but immediately silence falls when the flag is hoisted at half mast to honor the spontaneous act of heroism of the sailor Lakhani.



Film Card


Title: Men on the bottom

Country of origin: Italy

Year: 1941

Duration: 99 minutes

Color: Black/White

Kind: War

Director: Francesco De Robertis

Assistant Director: Roberto Rossellini

Subject: Francesco De Robertis

Screenplay: Francesco De Robertis

Manufacturer: Cesare Zacharia

Production company: Scalera Film

Photography: Joseph Campbell, Mario Bava

Editing: Francesco De Robertis

Music: Edgardo Carducci

Art Director: Hamlet Bonetti





Diego Pozzetto

Felga Lauri

Nicola Morabito

Marichetta Tow