Men and Heaven




During the war, four officers, airmen of a squadron, disperse on several fronts. The pilot George, injured, no longer believes in anything and, while recovering, search the other three friends. The first is now devoid of the right arm and works to censorship, where it composes poems. The second has lost a leg and hearing, and builds an existence with a girl. The third withdrew, concluding deals and accumulates wealth. George understands that in adversity, the moral forces allege the men and offer its mark the existence of each.


 Film notes


Original title: men and heaven

Country of production: Italy

Year: 1943

Duration: 92 minutes 

Color: Black/White

Audio: SHonor

Genre: War

Director: Francesco De Robertis

Subject: Francesco De Robertis

Screenplay: Francesco De Robertis

Production company: Scalera Film

Photography: Mario Bava, Carlo Badra

Editing: Francesco De Robertis 

Music: Francesco De Robertis




Julius Faido

Lamberto Bavaria

Vasco Marlia

Bruno Alfio Taccari

Anna Maria Mancini

Teresa Ugatti

Anna Smith





The war is the background and cause the psychological distress of the characters, and is understood by the viewer in a negative sense. The pilot Taddei, cynical and materialistic industrial marries a woman for interest and collect money: her figure is the latest examples of antibourgeois policy of the regime. A movie that knows some moments of emotion that overwhelms the characters in the description of sentimental positive emphasis in the final moments of the episodes. The film, which shows, in hybrid ideologically contradiction, two distinct phases of history. The images, the stories and the characters reaffirm faithfulness to traditional heroic ideal and typical of Fascist period; dialogues against the futility of a war that is being fought by being certain of defeat and denounce the recklessness of a first cause of a "country threw to suicide". On the one hand the images magnify vessels and aircraft; the other dialogues about seaplanes "Museum"