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Men and Skies 



Country of Production: Italy

Year: 1943

Duration: 92 min

Color: B/N

Genre: War

Director: Francesco De Robertis

Subject: Francesco De Robertis

Production Company : Scalera Film

Distribution: Scalera Film

Photograph: Mario Bava, Carlo Bellero

Editing by Francesco De Robertis



Performers and characters



Giulio Faido as Ubaldo Renza

Lamberto Bavaria as Franz Varna

Vasco Marlia as Tommaso Taddei

Bruno Alfio Taccari as Giorgio Nurus

Anna Maria Mancini as Elena, Giorgio's wife






During the war, four officers, airmen of a squadron dispersed on the different fronts.

The injured pilot Giorgio no longer believes in anything and, during his recovery, he researches other friends. The first is now devoid of his right arm and works on censorship, where he composes poesi. The second lost a leg and hearing, and made a living with a girl. The third has retired, doing business and accumulating wealth. George understands that, in adversity, moral forces support men and offer their own imprint on the existence of each one.