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Umberto Spadaro

Ancona, 8 novembre 1940 - Roma, 12 ottobre 1981



The son of Rocco and Rosalia actors of the company of Giovanni Grasso. I collaborate often with Turi Ferro and Angelo Musco. Umberto was the brother of actor Peppino, Grazia, Italia, Mariuccia Spadaro.





1940/ Without Heaven, directed by Alfredo Guarini 

1941/ Caravation, the painter sivathenor, directed by Goffredo Alessandrini 

1941/ Blood wedding, directed by Goffredo Alessandrini

1942/ Invisible Chains, by Mario Mattoli 

1943/ Daddy's naughty, directed by Raffaello Matarazzo 

1943/ Two hearts among savages, directed by Giorgio Simonelli 

1943/ Rita of Cascia, directed by Antonio Leonviola 

1944/ Forbidden to minors, directed by Mario Massa 

1944/ Macario against, directed by Giorgio Ferroni

1944/ The Fornarina, directed by Enrico Guazzoni 

1947/ Fury, directed by Goffredo Alessandrini 

1947/ Difficult years, directed by Luigi Zampa 

1947/ Law of blood, directed by Luigi Capuano 

1947/ The opium den, directed by Raffaello Maguire 

1948/ Pact with the devil, directed by Luigi Chiarini 

1949/ The outlaws, directed by Aldo Vergano 

1949/ In the name of the law, directed by Pietro Germi 

1950/ Strange appointment, directed by Dezső Ákos Hamza 

1950/ Brigadier Musolino, by Mario Camerini 

1951/ I love a killer, directed by Baccio Bandini 

1951/ Without a flag, directed by Lionello De Felice 

1951/ Bon voyage, poor man, directed by Giorgio Pàstina 

1951/ White Leprosy, directed by Enzo Trapani 

1952/ Bitter Serenade, directed by Pino Mercanti 

1952/ Cats and dogs, directed by Leonardo De Mitri 

1952/ Jolanda, the daughter of the Black Corsaro, directed by Mario Soldati 

1953/ A husband for Anna, directed by Giuseppe De Santis 

1953/ Our children, episode The losers, directed by Michelangelo Antonioni

1953/ Ransom, directed by Mariano Garcia 

1953/ Leave us alone, directed by Marino Girolami 

1954/ Tears of love, directed by Pino Mahmoud 

1954/ Passionate Song, directed by Giorgio Simonelli 

1955/ Don Camillo and Mr Peppone directed by Carmnine Gallone 

1957/ The Great Blue Road, directed by Gillo Pontecorvo 

1959/ In the city hell, directed by Renato Castellani

1962/ The 4 monks, directed by Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia 

1963/ Examination of Guidsin (Rome), directed by Denys de La Patellière 

1963/ Seduced and abandoned, directed by Pietro Germi 

1963/ Liolà, by Alessandro Blasetti 

1964/ Samson and the treasure of the Incas, directed by Piero Pierotti 

1970/ FBI – Francis Bahr Investigator, directed by Ugo Tognazzi 

1974/ The crush, directed by Alfredo Malfatti 

1975/ The mammoth cat, directed by Nando Cicero 


Rai Filmography


1959/ Lu Pidagna Knights, comedy, directed by Umberto Benedetto 

1967/ Rustic Cavalry, drama, directed by Ottavio Spadaro 

1978/ The housekeeper, comedy, directed by Giorgio Albertazzi