Ugo Toganazzi 

(Cremona, 23 March 1922 – Rome, 27 October 1990



Because of the profession of the father, Inspector of an insurance company, he lives in the years of childhood, he lives the years of childhood in various cities to return then, in 1936, in the Natià Cremona where fourteen year old, finds work as a reason in the Salumificio Negroni. In his spare time he plays in a drama of the company Dopolavoro, but the theatrical debut already happened at the Teatro Donizetti in Bergamo, just four years. During the Second World War he was called to arms and committed himself to organizing variety shows for fellow soldiers. After the armistice of September 8 he returned to Cremona where he worked as archivist and was part of the Black Brigades for a short period. In 1945, the passion for the show induced him to abandon his work and move to Milan. Here he participates in an evening for amateurs held at the Teatro Puccini, following which is signed by the theatre company Wanda Osiris.

In 1950 he debuted at the cinema with a film directed by Mario Mattoli, the cadets of GuascognA, alongside Walter Chiari. The following year he met Raymond Vianello with whom he formed a very successful comic pair that from 1954 to 1960 he worked for the newborn Rai TV with the variety one two threeThe most popularesque and sanguine comedy of Hugh and the most refined and English of Ramon's comedic interpenetrate each other with excellent comic results. Parallel to the film of the author Tognazzi and also engaged in comedy; Friends My Act 1.2, 3, the habit, the whistle to the nose, yes sir, bad thoughts, evening travelers, FBI investigator Francesco Bertolazzi.

In 1961 he knows Magarete Rosahm a Genoese actress with whom he works in the retained that marries in 1963, the following year Thomas was born, Tognazzi also had a story with an English dancer Pat O'Hara from had a son Ricky, but Pat does not marry Tognazzi and after two years theirStory ends. In 1965 Ugo finds the woman of his life Francesca Bettoja, marries Ugo in 1972. Tognazzi suffered from depression which he also shared with Gassman, dying in his sleep on October 27, 1990 in Rome for a cerebral hemorrhage.




1944/ Spectacular


1944/ closes almost at dawn


1945/ Live women


1945/ Powder in the eyes


1945/ Broadway Dust


1946/ Mouth kissed


1946/ percent of these women


1946/ Calvacata of women


1948/ Blue Fever


1948/ Paradise for all


1949/ Castellinaria


1950/That train which is called Desire


1951/ Deva If the horse does not have it


1952/ Hello Ghost


1953/ Barbanera, beautiful weather hopefully


1954/ Double pitch


1955/ Champion without wishingand


1955/ The Doctor of the Women


1956/ The fiancé of all


1957/ A scandal for Lilli


1957/ dad my husband


1957/ The Gutter man 


1960/ Gog and Mogog


1975/ The truffle


1986/ Six character in search of Autorand


1988/ The Miser


1989/ M. Butterfly




1950/ The Cadets of Gascony, directed by Mario Mattoli


1951/ La fear FA 90, directed by Giorgio Simonelli


1951/ La Bruna Indiavolata, directed by Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia


1951/ Greetings and Sons, directed by Giorgio Simonelli


1953/ The Enchanting Enemy, directed by Claudio Gora


1953/ His Highness said: No!, directed by Maria Basaglia


1953/ We are all Milan, directed by Mario Landi


1953/ If we won a hundred million, directed by Carlo Campogalliani and Carlo Moscovini


1953/ Cafè Chantal, directed by Camillo Mastrocinque


1954/ laugh!, laugh!!, directed by Edoardo Anton


1954/ Milanesi a Napoli, directed by Enzo di Gianni


1955/ The wife is equal for all, directed by Giorgio Simonelli


1958/ Sunday is always Sunday, directed by Camillo Mastrocinque


1958/ Toto in the Moon, directed by Steno


1958/ My grandmother policeman, directed by Steno


1958/ Sailors women and Woe, directed by Giorgio Simonelli


1958/ Il dire Teodoro, directed by Roberto Bianchi Montero


1959/ Watch but not Toccatele, directed by Mario Mattoli


1959/ Ghosts and Thieves, directed by Giorgio Simonelli


1959/Let's not lose our heads, directed by Mario Mattoli


1959/ Policarpo official writing, directed by Mario Soldati


1959/ Le Maids, directed by Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia


1959/ psychoanalyst, for Signora, directed by Jean Boyer


1959/We are two escaped, directed by Giorgio Simonelli


1959/ The Duchess of Santa Lucia, directed by Roberto Bianchi Montero


1959/ La draft, directed by Camillo Mastrocinque


1959/ Types of beach, directed by Mari Mattoli


1959/ La Shillffa, directed by Roberto Bianchi Montero


1959/ La Pica on the Pacific, directed by Roberto Rossellini


1959/ I Baccanali di Tiberio, directed by Giorgio Simonelli


1960/Parents in Blue-Jeans, directed by Camillo Mastrocinque


1960/ The Prince Keg, directed by Maurizio Arena


1960/ My friend Jekyll, directed by Marino Girolami


1960/ The Husbands ' Olympics, directed by Giorgio Bianchi


1960/ Females of luxury, directed by Giorgio Bianchi


1960/ One dollar of Fifa, directed by Giorgio Simonelli


1960/ What do you say? Directed by Silvio Amadio


1960/ We like it cold!, directed by Steno


1961/ Gli both clean, directed by Francesco Giaculli


1961/ His Excellency stopped to Eat, directed by Mario Mattoli


1961/ What a joy to live, directed by Renè Clèment


1961/ The Federal, directed by Luciano Salce


1961/ 5 Marines for 100 Girls, directed by Mario Mattoli


1961/ Il retained, directed by Ugo Tognazzi


1961/ Fists pupae and Sailors, directed by Daniele D'anza


1961/ The Magnificent three, directed by Giorgio Simonelli


1962/ One Sunday in summer, directed by Giulio Petroni


1962/ La craving Matta, directed by Luciano Salce


1962/ Pycosissimo, directed by Steno


1962/ La Cuccagna, directed by Luciano Salce


1962/ The Tromboni di frà Diavolo, directed by Giorgio Simonelli


1962/ The motored, directed by Camillo Mastrocinque


1962/ The march on Rome, directed by Dino Risi


1963/ The shortest day, directed by Sergio Corbucci


1963/ Ro. Go. Pa. G. episode The Chicken Ruspante, directed by Ugo Gregoretti


1963/ The Hours of Love, directed by Luciano Salce


1963/ A modern story-l'APE Regina, directed by Marco Ferreri


1963/ I Outlaw of Marriage, directed by Valentino Orsini, Paolo and Vittorio Taviani


1964/ High Infidelity, episode Modern People, directed by Mari Monicelli


1964/ Liolà, directed by Alessandro Blasetti


1964/ La Vita Agra, directed by Carlo Lizzani


1964/ La Donna Ape, directed by Marco Ferreri


1964/ Il Magnifico cuckold, directed by Antonio Pietrangeli


1964/ Controsesso, episode The Professor, directed by Marco Ferreri


1965/ The complexes, episode The complex of the slave Nubian, directed by Franco Rossi


1965/ An American wife, directed by Gian Luigi Polidoro


1965/ I knew her well, directed by Antonio Pietrangeli


1965/ Today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, episode The Man of the five Balloons, directed by Marco Ferreri


1965/ Mènage All'italiana, directed by Franco guesses


1965/ Marcia Nunziale, directed by Marco Ferreri


1966/ A question of Honor, directed by Luigi Zampa


1966/ Our Husbands, episode The husband of Attilia, directed by Dino Risi


1966/ Le Pleasant Nights, directed by Armando Crispino and Lucianao Lucignani


1967/ The whistle to the nose, directed by Ugo Tognazzi


1967/ The father of family, directed by Nanni Loy


1967/ The others, the others, and... US, directed by Maurizio Arena


1968/ Mangami, directed by Dino Risi


1968/ Barbarella, directed by Roger Vadim


1968/ Yes Sir, directed by Ugo Tognazzi


1968/ La Dollface, directed by Franco Giraldi


1969/ Satyricon, directed by Franco Giraldi


1969/ Porcile, directed by Pier Pasolini


1969/ the Commissioner Pepe, directed by Ettore Scola


1969/ in the year of the Lord, directed by Luigi Magni


1970/ Lonely Hearts, directed by Franco Giraldi


1970/I come to get a coffee from US, directed by Alberto Lattuada


1970/ Splendors and miseries by Madame Royale, directed by Vittorio Caprioli


1970/ La Califfa, directed by Alberto Bevilacqua


1971/ The Superwitness, directed by Franco Giraldi


1971/ In The name of the Italian people, directed by Dino Risi


1971/ Room 17 -17 Tax Palace, office of Taxation, directed by Michele Lupo


1972/ This species of love, directed by Alberto Bevilacqua


1972/ The Maestro and Margherita, directed by Aleksandar Petrovič


1972/ The general sleeps on his feet, Regia di Francesco Massaro


1973/ We want the Colonels, directed by Mario Monicelli


1973/ La Grande Abbuffata, directed by Marco Ferreri


1973/ The property is not a theft, directed by Marco Ferreri


1974/ Do not touch the Lady Bianca, directed by Marco Ferreri


1974/ allow the lady who loves your daughter?, directed by Gian Luigi Polidoro


1974/ Popular novel, directed by Mario Monicelli


1975/ La Marzuka del Barone, Della Sante, and Fico Fiorone, directed by Pupi Avati


1975/ The stretch mark, directed by Peter Flischamann


1975/ My Friends, directed by Mario Monicelli


1975/ The Duck with Orange, directed by Luciano Salce


1976/The pleasure of seeing her again, directed by Marco Leto


1976/White Telephones, directed by Dino Risi


1976/Bad Thoughts, directed by Ugo Tognazzi


1976/ Ladies and gentlemen, Goodnight, directed by Luigi Comencini, Nanni Loy, Luigi Magni, Mario Monicelli, and Ettore Scola


1977/ The room of the bishop, directed by Dino Risi


1977/ Casotto, directed by Sergio Citti


1977/ The New Monsters, directed by Mario Monicelli, Dino Risi and Ettore Scola


1977/ Il Gatto, directed by Luigi Comencini


1978/ The Cat directed by Luigi Comencini


197/ Nenè, directed by Salvatore Samperi


1978/ La Mazzetta, directed by Sergio Corbucci


1978/ First Love, directed by Dino Risi


1978/ Il Habit, directed by Edouard Molinaro


1978/ where you go on vacation, episode, I'll be all for you directed, by Mauro Bolognini


1979/ L'ingorgo, directed by Luigi Comencini


1979/ The travellers of SerA, directed by Ugo Tognazzi


1980/ La Terrazza, directed by Ettore Scola


1980/ Arrival I Bersaglieri, directed by Luigi Magni


1980/ The seducers of the Sunday, episode, the Carnet of Armando, directed by Dino Risi


1980/ Il habit II, directed by Eduard Molinaro


1981/ The tragedy of a ridiculous man, directed by Bernardo Bertolucci


1982/ Excuse me if it is little, directed by Marco Vicario


1982/ My friends, Atto II °, directed by Mario Monicelli


1983/ Twist of fate lurking around the corner like a brigand from the street, directed by Lina Wertmuller


1983/ Il Petomane, directed by Pasquale Festa Campanile


1984/ Dagobert, directed by Dino Risi


1984/ Bertoldo, Bertoldino, and Casenno, directed by Mario Monicelli


1985/Tailor made, directed by Francesco Laudadio


1985/ Marriage with habit, the habit, directed by Georges Lautener


1985/ My friends, Atto III °, directed by Nanni Loy


1986/ Yddish Connection, directed by Paul Boujenah


1987/ Last Minute, directed by Pupi Avati


1988/ Goodbye and Thanks, directed by Giorgio Capitani


1988/ The days of Commissioner Ambrosio, directed by Sergio Corbucci


1989/ Tolerance, directed by Pierre-Henry Salfati


1990/ The Battle of the three drums of Fire, directed by Southeil Ben-Barka and Uchkun Nazarov




1970/ FBI Francesco Bertolazzi private investigator, directed by Ugo Tognazzi


1985/ Black Heart, episode of the Tv miniseries Dreams and Needs, directed by Sergio Citti


1987/ Qui c'est ce garcon? Miniserie TV, directed by Nadine Trintignant


1991/ A family in yellow, film directed by Luciano Odorisio





1956/ Blow of Wind, directed by Adolfo Perani


1956/ The Imperfect, by Giulio Scarnicci and Renzo tarabuses


1958/ Vado and Torno Paisà, the occasions of humor by Gian Bellavisata, directed by Nino Meloni


1958/ The heatsink, by Ferdinand Raimund directed by Sandro Bolchi


1966/ Great variety