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Turi Ferro

Catania, 10 January 1921 – 11 May 2001 Sant'Agati Battiati



Turi began acting in Theater Coppola of Catania, in the company run by his father's dramatic society art Brigade William Irons. In 1948 started acting with his wife Ida Carrara in Red Company of San Secondo di Roma. In theatre plays many works by Luigi Pirandello, bringing on stage the giants of the mountain, unfinished Sicilian writer. In 1957 he and his wife creates The ente Teatrale Sicily by combining the best regional theatre actors they include Umberto Spataro, Salvo Randone, Rosina Anselmi. In 1958 along with Umberto Spataro and Mehdi founded the Teatro Stabile di Catania. In 1965 directed by Luigi Squarzina is called to interpret the play the great hope, written by Carlo Marcello Rietmann. For the cinema turned over 30 film in 2002 was supposed to play Geppetto in Pinocchio by Benigni. Roberto Benigni remembers him:


"Candide tragic, humble and high. Was the Gale of my dreams. I will continue to dream about it. He was an actor of great beauty, the face could live with the same force real landscapes and places fiabieschi. There had met to begin a journey together in the most beautiful fairy tale in the world."


Turi dies at the age of 80 years to Sant'Agati of Battiati due to a heart attack.



Past productions


1958/ Magic, by Luigi Capuana 

1958/ Liolà, by Luigi Pirandello 

1959/ Lu Pidagna Knights 

1960/ The housekeeper, Vitaliano Brancati, directed by Luigi Squarzina 

1961/ Il marchese di Ruvolito 

1961/ The public prosecutor 

1961/ The Mystery Inn 

1964/ Cod 

1964/ But it's not a serious thing 

1965/ Dajla 

1965/ Inquisition

1966/ The cuckoo clock 

1966/ Boris Godunov 

1962/ The she-Wolf, by Giovanni Verga 

1962/ The man and his death, by Giuseppe Berto 

1962/ The giants of the mountain, by Luigi Pirandello, directed by Giorgio Strehler

1967/ Rustic Cavalry 

1967/ Master-don Gesualdo, by Giovanni Verga 

1968/ Ah, Wildernessi 

1970/ The air of the continent, directed by Turi Ferro, and Marcello Sartarelli 

1971/ The candidate 

1977/ The visitor 

1977/ Thel Council of Egypt 

1980/ Six characters in search of an author by Luigi Pirandello, directed by Giancarlo Cobelli 

1983Titus Andronicus by William Shakespeare 

1986/ Antigone, by Sophocles

1994/ The Viceroy, by Federico De Roberto 

1996/ The visitor, by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt 

1998/ I Malavoglia by Giovanni Verga

Think Giacomino!, by Luigi Pirandello  

Each in his own way, by Luigi Pirandello, directed by Luigi Squarzina

The Day of the Owl, by Leonardo Sciascia

The Council of Egypt, Leonardo Sciascia

The miser, by Molière

The catch, by Andrea Camilleri





Mastro Don Gesualdo, with Lydia Alfonsi and Enrico Maria Salerno

The village master, by Fyodor Dostoevsky

Melissa, by Francis Durbridge

The tales of Marshal, by Mario Soldati

The world, by Luigi Pirandello

Luca's secret, by Ignazio Silone

I Nicotera

The fifth woman

And then if they leave? with Virna Lisi





1962/ A man for burning 

1964/ Extramarital affair 

1965/ I knew her well 

1966/ Rita the Mosquito

1967/ Don't tease the mosquito 

1969/ Seven times seven 

1970/ A case of conscience 

1971/ Scipio Africanus, directed by Luigi Magni

1971/ The investigation and closed forget, directed by Damiano Damiani 

1972/ Charges of murder for a student, directed by Mauro Bolognini 

1972/ Violence: Fifth Power, directed by Florestano Vancini 

1972/ Mimi metallurgical wounded in honour, directed by Lina Wertmüller 

1973/ The Black Hand, directed by Antonio Racioppi 

1973/ Malice, directed by Salvatore Samperi 

1973/ Manhood, directed by Paolo Cavara 

1974/ The housekeeper, directed by Giovanni Grimaldi 

1974/ The SLOWPOKE, directed by Paolo Cavara 

1975/ Virgin named Mary, directed by Sergio Nasca 

1975/ The barons, directed by Gian Paolo Lomi 

1977/ That night tonight!, directed by Ghigo De Chiara 

1977/ Was interesting, directed by Sergio Nasca 

1978/ Bloodletting between two men in the case of a widow. Suspected political movements, directed by Lina Wertmüller 

1978/ Ernesto, directed by Salvatore Sampei 

1981/ The round, directed by Tonino Cervi 

1988/ The stakes, directed by Sergio Nasca 

1988/ And you don't want to go!, directed by Giorgio Capitani 

1991/ Malizia 2000, directed by Salvatore Samperi 

1988/ You laugh, by Paolo and Vittorio Taviani