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Black Crossing 




Some passengers rise from an Eastern port, aboard on a direct merchant in Europe, t ra group of boarded there is also a shady individual who entrusts to the master tape of values to be kept until the arrival of the trip. This individual is linked to an artist of variety, which is part of the Group of actors who boarded with her.At night, after departure is found dead the mysterious individual, the captain starts the first investigations to trace the author of the crime, but the suspicions involve all passengers. A sudden machine failure threatens to sink the ship, so the Commander put in lifeboats passengers remained on board with the young son of the Admiral. Only once at the time of the sinking the young man confesses his crime, generated by the need to retrieve important documents held by the victim, and prefer to go down with the ship even when the emergency services were going to get.



The subject of the film is based on the play of the same name by Giuseppe Achilli and Bruno Corra, was shot at Cinecittà in the spring of 1939.



Film Notes 


Title: Black crossing

Country of origin: Italy

Year: 1939

Duration: 88 min

Color: Black/White

Audio: Sound

Genere: Espionage, drama

Director: Domenico Gambino

Subject: Joseph Achille, Bruno Corra

Screenplay: Sergio Amidei, Domenico Gambino, Carlo Duse

Manufacturer: Federigo D'avack for Sovrania Film

Distribution: Generalcine

Photography: Carlo Nebiolo, Thomas

Music: Constantine Irons

Art Director: Salvo D'Angelo


Actors and perfomers 


Mario Ferrari

Germana Padman

Dria Paola

Camillo Pilotto

Renato Cialente

Giovanni Grasso jr.

Guglielmo Sinaz

Lola Braccini

Carlo Lombardi

Carlo Duse

Renzo Mahoney

Antonio Gradoli

Primo Carnera

Tino Erler

Roberto Bianchi