Tiberio Murgia

(February 5, 1929-August 20 Oristano Tolfa 2010)


Born to a poor family, he started to work as a laborer, twenty years becomes newspaper seller for the unit, the Italian Communist Party newspaper. Party leaders see in him special policies and submit it to the school of Frattocchie. On his return, six months later, he became Secretary of the young communists and marries. After some time began to have a relationship with a woman in the party, as a result of the scandal aroused, is expelled from the Communist Party. Tiberio Murgia emigrates so in Belgium in Marcinelle, near the Middle Carboniferous which sees employees as miners several thousand Italian workers. There also establishes a relationship with the wife of a fellow Belgian and daring escapes death on that fateful night of the Marcinelle disaster, in which a gas explosion kills all the miners of his shift, including the husband of Mrs. In fact he had to fake sick Murgia entertain with woman, history still considered false news, first published in 1959 in the weekly people in an extensive article signed by the well-known novelist and journalist Renato Barneschi. Man returns to his hometown but is forced to emigrate to Rome to escape the wrath of family members of another young man who he woos her despite being married. In the capital began working as a dishwasher in a restaurant of the Center until he was noticed by an Assistant to Director Mario Monicelli, who invited him in for an audition. The Tuscan entrusted him with the role of Ferribotte (a corruption of Ferry Boat, the ferry that connects the Sicily to the Mainland), the very jealous and possessive Sicilian immigrant in inexperienced and bunglers mobsters Romans who, in a masterpiece of Italian comedy of 1958, I soliti Ignoti, tries unsuccessfully to assault the safe of the pawn shop. Although Sardinian, Malik will stay true to the character and stereotype caricatured del siciliano for most of his feature films that will be divided, with a regular wax for all 40 years, crossing the main genres popular of our cinema recently, and precisely because Sardinian is doubled every sicula by actors such as Renato Cominetti, Ignazio Balsamo, and Michele Gammino. The general public will remember certainly for his facial expressions, eyes half-closed and often the eyebrows perpetually arched and thick, the head slightly rearward satirical representation of a Sicilian wary and obstinate. The same stereotype will also be exploited in advertising: Tiberio Murgia it will be for many years testimonial of a famous brand of coffee in television commercials. Always as Ferribotte takes part in the sequel to I Soliti ignoti ( The Audace colpo dei soliti ignoti ) directed by Nanni Loy in 1960 and always alongside Marcello Mastroianni and Vittorio Gasman concludes the saga in 1987 with the film Amatius Todini, I Soliti ignoti vent'anni dopoAlways directed by Mario Monicelli participates, in the secondary role of the Soldier Nicotra, in the great war of 1959, starring Monica Vitti and talking the girl with the pistol of 1968. In the 1960s always participates in supporting roles in many productions parody character and typical Italian film comedies of that era. Directed by Sergio Corbucci alongside Toto in the movie the shortest day of 1962 and in 1961 she had acted alongside Franco and Ciccio Ingrassia in the movie The honoured societyIn 1966, directed by Vittorio De Sica, plays the role of a detective in fox-hunting while as seventy appears in several productions of the genus decamerotic, directed by Mariano Laurenti. Tiberio Murgia is also active in the 1980s, and appeared in several of the plays performed by Adriano Celentano for directions by Franco Castellano and Giuseppe Moccia, artistic Association of writers better known as Castellano e Pipolo, as well as in several films directed by Nando Cicero and belonging to that kind of minor comedy of erotic, based especially on the vast repertoire of popular jokes, vice in those years a time of short but intense production. In 1988 participates in the children's film yellow Parrot Operation opera before the Roman Director Marco Di Tillo, from a screenplay by Piero Chiambretti, Claudio Delle Fratte and Marco Di Tillo (in the cast of the film also include Leo Gullotta, Syusy Blady, Didi Perego, Nicola Pistoia). In that film, for the first time in his life, is not dubbed but speaks with the voice of Sardinia (which has great inflection sarda, he had always been voiced in Sicilian). In 2001, starring Nino Manfredi, Murgia plays a minor role in the film by Diego Febbraro A Milanese in Rome, and also takes part in the comedy of Vincenzo Terraciano Rebels, by chance, along with Antonio Catania. In 2008 she played a small part in the film who comes round by Alessandro Valori, starring Valerio Mastrandrea. At the end of 2004 the plaintiff gives in print his autobiography "the usual Unknown" written with the collaboration of the journalist Sergio Sciarra. The book brings them back in the spotlight thanks to the attention of the media and by some critics, by Tulio Kezich to Tatti Sanguineti to Roberto Silvestri, saluting his memoirs without doing good with much enthusiasm.

The sortie publishing culminates in 2006 with the adoption of the autobiography as a textbook at the University "La Sapienza" of Rome in Italian film history course taught by professor Orio C. V. Sick Alzeimer, Murgia dies in a nursing home for the elderly in Tolfa on 20 August 2010, last survivor among the male protagonists of I soliti ignoti. In 2012 and I'm made the documentary "the unusual Unknown. Acrobratica Life of Tiberio Murgia" by Sergio Nitaza that traces the life of the actor and collects an interview starvation a few weeks after death.





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