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A 1929 silent film directed by Alessandro Blasetti, debuts in film directing.

Filming began on 20 December 1928 and the first public screening, with musical commentary by Mario De Risi, took place on Sunday 16 June 1929 at the cinemas Corso in Rome. Sun along with Rails of Mari Camerini, marks the beginning of the Renaissance of Italian cinema, after the crisis of the 1920s. But the film was not a success and was the first and last production of Augusts, the cooperative society founded by Bal. Help – very talented was a young filmmaker Goffredo Alessandrini. Today all that remains is to film the first reel of 265 m (11 minutes) because the original negative was destroyed by the Nazis after the 8 September 1943, and there were no other copies in circulation, as long as it was rediscovered the initial part.




 Film Notes



Country of origin: Italy

Year: 1929

Duration: 68 min

Color: Black/White

Audio: Mute

Genre: Drama

Director: Alessandro Blasetti

Subject: Aldo Vergano

Screenplay: Aldo Vergano, Alessandro Blasetti

Studio: Augustus

Photography: Joseph Campbell, Giorgio Orsini, Carlo Montuori

Editing: Alessandro Blasetti

Art Director: Gaston Medin





Marcello Spada

Vasco Creti

Paola Dria

Vittorio Vaser

Leah Woods

Anna Vinci

Rolando Constantine

Rinaldo Rinaldi

Erminio Macario