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Sergio Leone

Rome, 3 April 1929 – 30 April 1989



Son of Roberto Roberti (stage name Marie Lamb) a filmmaker and actor originally from Torella dei Lombardi (province of Avellino), considered one of the pioneers of Italian silent cinema, and Bice Waleran (stage name Edvige Valcarenghi), a Roman actress, born from milanese family of remote origins.

Sergio Leone film began working in the environment already at the age of eighteen. He had a small part as an extra in Bicycle Thieves Vittorio De Sica (is one of German priests surprised by rain). Subsequently, lion will begin to take an interest like puplum, based on heroic deeds and epic of Roman soldiers and Greek is both emperors. The first significant work saw him as the second unit Director or Manager assistance (uncredited) in some major Hollywood production filmed Cinecittà studios in Rome, during the so-called Hollywood on the Tiber: those include Quo Vadis by Mervyn Le Roy and especially the colossal Ben-HurHe had a chance to make his debut as a Director with the Colossus of Rhodes. 

Sergio Leone was one of the early pioneers of western, giving rise to a new film genre. Sergio Leone was accused of plagiarism by Akira Kurosawa film Yojimbo, Kurosawa won the case and obtaining exclusive distribution rights of compensation for a pungo dollars in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. All the film soundtracks of lion was maintained by Ennio Morricone, in 1967 Leo travels the western: there was a time in the west, movie shot in Monument Valley, in Italy and in Spain, the film was like a long, violent and almost dreamlike meditation upon the mythology of the West. The subject also collaborated on two great directors, Bernardo Bertolucci and Dario Argento;the latter at the time, it was still completely unknown. The screenplay was written by Sergio Donati, along with Sergio Leone. Before the theatrical release, however, the film was retouched and amended by the managers of the firm; in fact it is more shortened by about 165 minutes. The film was rediscovered and appreciated until years later, with the Director's cut that lasts approximately 175 minutes. Today the film is considered, along with the good, the bad and the uglyand once upon a time in America, among the best of the Director, and is one of the cornerstones of the western genre. In 1971 Lion walked Down his head, a film on a midrange budget starring James Coburn and Rod Steiger, in the film Lion manifests the reflections on humanity and politics, in the same period he collaborated with Damiano Damiani in the movie A genius, two partners and a dupe

Later his production company Rafran produced the cat by Luigi Comencini and Giuliano Montaldo ToySergio Leone after refusing to direct the Godfather, he produced the film by Carlo Verdone: A Beautiful Sack, and White, red and greenThe Director was a close friend of Charles's father: Mario Verdone, critic and as a father Lion helped Carlo in achieving its two movies. From the second half of the sixties to the eighties Sergio Leone worked for about ten years in his own project epic, this time focused on the friendship between two Jewish gangsters in New York; Once upon a time in America.

The replacement of the work caused a flop in the US market. In 1986 Sergio Leone finds herself a new working with friend Carlo Verdone, this in the making of the film too strong with Valenzuela, Mario Brega and Alberto Sordi. Lion wrote the subject and the screenplay with Valenzuela and Rodolfo Sonego. When he died on 20 April 1989 of a heart attack, the Director was working on a project that was supposed to cover the siege of Leningrad during World War II. The movie was supposed to narrate the dramatic war in Russia, a love story between an American journalist and a Russian girl, a message of peace between the two superpowers. Quentin Tarantin's has established the first modern filmmaker Sergio Leone posts – which influenced many directors.



Filmography – Director


 1961/ The Colossus of Rhodes

1964/ A fistful of dollars

1965/ For a few dollars more

1966/ The good, the bad and the ugly

1968/ There was a time in the West

1971/ Your head down

1984/ Once upon a time in America


Assistant Director


1946/ Rigoletto

1948/ Bicycle thief

1948/ The legend of Faust

1949/ Fabiola

1949/ The  trovatore

1949/ The Power of Destiny

1950/ Taxi di notte, directed by Carmine Gallone

1950/ Voting

1950/ Brigadier Musolino

1952/ The Three Privates

1952/ Jolanda the daughter of the black corsair

1952/ The madman Marechiaro

1953/ Man, the Beast and Virtue

1953/ The Whites

1953/ Phryne, courtesan of the East

1954/ Betrayed

1954/ That's life

1955/ Thief

1956/ Allows me, Dad!

1957/ The master

1958/ Aphrodite, Goddess of love, directed by Mario Bonnard

1959/ The law blames me

1959/ Son of the Red course

1962/ Sadoma and Gomorrah


The second unit Director


1951/ Quo vadis

1956/ Helen of Troy

1959/ Ben-Hur

1962/ Sodom and Gomorrah




1958/ Aphrodite, Goddess of loveand

1959/ In the sign of Rome

1959/ The last days of Pompeii

1961/ Theseven challenges, directed by Primo Zeglio

1961/ The Colossus of Rhodes

1961/ Romulus and Remus

1963/ The green flags of Allah, directed by Giacomo and Guido Zurli

1964/ A fistful of dollars

1965/ For a few dollars more

1966/ The good, the bad and the ugly

1968/ There was a time in the west

1971/ Your head down

1984/ Once upon a time in America

1986/ Too strong




1941/ The mouth on the road, by Roberto Roberti

1948/ Bicycle thief, directed by Vittorio de Sica

1951/ Milan Billionaire, directed by Marcello Marchesi and Vittorio Metz

1952/ The throngs of Marechiaro, by Roberto Roberti

1954/ They stole a tram, directed by Aldo Fabrizi

1965/ For a few dollars more, directed by Sergio Leone



Executive producer


1973/ My name and none of Tonino Valeri

1975/ A genius, two cronies, a chicken, Damiano Damiani

1977/ The cat, by Luigi Comencini

1979/ The Toy, Giuliano Montaldo

1986/ Too strong, by Carlo Verdone