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Bronze Sentinels



A film by Romolo Marcellini of 1937, receives the East African Ministry Cup for best film of colonial subject.

The action takes place a few months before the Ethiopian War. The Abyssinian army forts that have taken refuge the heads of the faithful able to Italians. The Commander of the Fort must support the resistance and the situation is saved by the heroism of a sergeant who overthrows the tide of battle with the defeat of the Abyssinians.




The film was shot entirely on location, in Africa, in areas of North Scebelì and Abarghidir, Audadlè, Macannè, able of Abgal and detachment of Degehabur. He was one of the films that contributed to the affirmation of Dorin Davies as Italian film star of the 1930s.


Actors and performers


Fosco Giachetti: Captain Negri

Giovanni Grasso Jr.: Sergeant Loved

Doris Duranti: Dahabo

Hassan Mohamed: Elmi

Abdul Omar: Ibrahim

Mohamed Ali Needles: Islam

Ali Ibrahim: Giama

EliAhmed: Ras Scifarrà

Ali Abdullah: Hawariat