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Saro Urzì

Catania 24 February 1913 - San Giuseppe Vesuviano 1 November 1979




Saro urzì, real name Rosario urzì, leaves Sicily, in search of fortune, arriving, in Rome where he begins to work in the cinema, as an appearance, stunt and acrobat, and then as an actor in the background. In 1943, he took part in the film Mario Bonnard " Field of Flowers", in 1944 to the film Alberto Lattuada " The arrow in the side ", and in 1948 in that of Aldo Fabrizi Emigrantes "He holds a good working agreement with the director Pietro Germi, who chose him initially to interpret the role of the Marshal in "in the name of the law", in 1948, which allows him to win the Silver Ribbon, and then will continue to cast it for his other films , with increasingly important roles, to interpret in "seduced and abandoned", the role of the authoritarian Don Ascalone, interpretation that the Fruit Award for Best Actor at the Cannes film Festival, in 1964, and another Silver Ribbon in 1965. He works with the major Italian directors of the time, Nanni Loy, Luigi Comencini, Alessandro Blasetti, Carlo Lizzani; He also took part in all the five films of the saga of Don Camillo, with Fernandel and Gino Cervi; He appeared in " The Godfather " of 1972, by Francis Ford Coppola and in the parody of the same film " The godson of The Godfather ", by Mariano Laurenti, with Franco Franchi.






1939/ The conquest of the air, by Romolo Marcellini

1939/ The dream of Butterfly, by Carmine Gallone

1940/ Without Sky, by Alfredo Guarini

1941/ The company of the Teppa, by Corrado D'Errico

1941/ Pia de ' Tolomei, of Exodus, Pratelli

1941/ Tosca, by Carlo Koch

1942/ Wedding day, by Goffredo Alessandrini

1942/ Odessa on Fire, by Carmine Gallone

1942/ A gunshot, by Renato Castellani

1943/ The Locandiera, by Luigi Chiarini

1943/ Harlem, by Carmine Gallone

1943/  Special Envoys, by Romolo Marcellini

1943/ Campo dè Fiori, by Mario Bonnard

1944/ The arrow next to, by Alberto Lattuada

1947/ TomboloBlack Paradise, by Giorgio Ferroni

1948/ So people, of Fernando Circle

1948/ Emigrantes, by Aldo Fabrizi

1948/ Covenant of the Devil, by Luigi Chiarini

1948/ in the name of the law, by Pietro Germi

1949/ North Barrier, by Luis Trenker

1949/ Monastery of St. Clare, by Mario Sequi

1949/ The hand of Death, by Carlo Campogallini

1949/ The bird-of-Prey of the Nile, by Giacomo Gentilomo

1950/ The forgers, by Franco Rossi

1950/ The journey of Hope, by Pietro Germi

1950/ I dreamed of the Paradise, by Giorgio Patina

1950/ The street brat, by Carlo Borghesio

1951/ Black Fire, by Silvio Siano

1951/ The  turnoff, by Fernando Circle

1951/ The Revenge of the Corsair, of Primo Zeglio

1951/ Chronicle of a crime, by Mario Sequi

1952/ Don Camillo, by Julien Duvivier

1952/ The robber of Wolf Notch, of Pietro Germi

1952/ Trieste never, by Mario Costa

1953/ A mother returns, by Roberto Bianchi Montero

1953/ The return of Don Camillo, by Julien Duvivier

1953/ Rivalry, by Giuliano Biagetti

1953/ The Treasure of Africa, by John Huston

1954/ The five of Adamello, of Pino Mercanti

1954/ Bread, love, and jealousy, by Luigi Comencini

1954/ Public opinion, by Maurizio Corgnati

1955/ Don Camillo, and the Honourable Peppone, by Carmine Gallone

1955/ Masked patternby Stefano Canzio

1955/ The Thief , by Mario Bonnard

1956/ The railroad worker, by Pietro Germi

1956/ The boyfriends of Death, by Romolo Marcellini

1957/ Before us the Sky, by Roberto Savarese

1957/ Liana the white slave, by Herman Leitner

1958/ A cursed cheat, by Pietro Germi

1958/ The straw man, by Pietro Germi

1958/ In the city Hell, by Renato Castellani

1959/ The son of the Red Corsair

1959/ Romarey: Operation Mazaref, of Harald Reinl

1960/ The adventurers of the Tropoci, by Sergio Bergonzelli

1960/ Wild Calvalcata , by Piero Pierotti

1961/ Don Camillo Monsignor but not too much, by Carmine Gallon

1961/ Fake passport, by Pierre Montazel

1961/ One day as a lion, by Nanni Loy

1962/ The  Sgarro, by Silvio Siano

1963/ Divorce in Sicily, by Enzo di Gianni

1964/ Seduced and abandoned, by Pietro Germi

1965/ The Comrade Don Camillo, by Luigi Comencini

1965/ Naked obsession, by Marcel Camus

1965/ Mission Caracas, by Raoul Andrè

1965/ I and the others, by Alessandro Blasetti

1966/ A story of Night, by Luigi Petrini

1966/ Modesty Blaise, the beautiful that kills, by Joseph Losey

1967/ The  girls at night, by Marcel Camus

1967/ Criminal Story, by Claude Chabrol

1967/ People of Honor, of Folco Lulli

1968/ Serafino, by Pietro Germi

1970/ The first night of the industrial Doctor Danieli, with the.. toy complex, by Giovanni Grimaldi

1970/ Crowned Prince wanted for rich heiress, of Giovanni Grimaldi

1972/ Torino nera, by Carlo Lizzani

1972/ The Godfather, by Francis Ford Coppola

1972/ Alfredo, Alfredo, di Pietro Germi

1973/ The godson of The Godfather, by Mariano Laurenti

1973/ Camorra Sgarro, by Ettore Maria Fizzarotti

1975/ Sergeant Breaker becomes Corporal, of Mariano Laurenti

1976/ Giovannino, by Paolo Nuzzi

1976/ Eye to the widow, by Sergio Pastore





1968/ Johnny Belinda, comedy by Pietro Schivazappa