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Rome 11 a.m. 




Year: 1952

Duration: 105 min 

Color: B/N 

Genre: Dramatic

Director: Giuseppe De Santis

Producer:Transcontinental Italia – Paul Graetz 

Photograph: Otello Martelli

Editing by Gabriele Varriale

Music: Mario Nascimbene

Set design: Leon Barsacq 



Performers and characters



Luica Bosè as Simona


Carla del Poggio as Luciana Renzoni


Maria Grazia France as Cornelia Riva


Lea Padovani as Catherine


Delia Scala as Angelina


Elena Varzi as Adriana


Raf Walloon as Charles


Massimo Girotti as Nando


Paolo Stoppa: Employee


Armando Francioli as Romoletto


Paola Borboni as Matilde


Irene Galter as Clara


Eva Vanicek as Gianna


Checco Durante as Adriana's father


Alberto Farnese as Augustus


Fausto Guerzoni: the owner of the palace


Pietro Tordi: the architect of the palace


Mino Argentieri: hospital nurse


Anna Maria Zijno: royal survivor of Via Savoia


Maria Amassari: royal survivor of Via Savoia






Following a job advertisement in a newspaper, two hundred girls show up at an address in Via Savoia to obtain a typing job at an accountant's office. In an Italy exacerbated by unemployment in general, but even more so by the impossibility for women to find work, the most diverse young people come forward for the interview; fallen nobles, prostitutes trying to change their lives, women with their unemployed husbands, daughters of wealthy people whose pensions are not enough to survive. Crouching on the flights of the stairs of the small palace, they exchange impressions and hint at their lives made of misery and expedient to live. A furious quarrel over the priority in line unleashes the girls, whose arrogance to move forward turns the wait into tragedy: the railing of the ladder gives way, destroying the steps one by one causing the women to fall, some of whom are seriously injured one of them, Anna Maria Barldi, dies as a result of the injuries sustained. Taken to the hospital, the bitter discovery: to be treated, the hospital demands payment of the daily fee of 2,300 lire. Many of them are forced to take care at home because they are unable to pay for hospital treatment.




The film is set in Rome, in Largo Circense 37, while in reality the collapse took place in Via Savoia, 31 in the Salario district, on January 14, 1951.


The small square where the palace collapsed was entirely rebuilt in the studio by the famous French Leon Barsacq.


The film is inspired by a tragedy that really happened, the film was attended by three girls involved in the tragedies, the same director Augusto Genina, made the film Three Forbidden Stories based on the same incident.