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Renato Scarpa

Milan, 14 September 1939



He began his career on the big screen in the late 1960, as a character actor.

In 2012 it is given by the municipality of Orta di Atella Atellanae Fabulae Award for film.





1969/ Under the sign of Scorpio, directed by Paolo Taviani

1972/ In the name of the father, directed by Marco Bellocchio 

1972/ St. Michael had a rooster, directed by Paolo and Vittorio Taviani 

1973/ In Venice a December shocking red, directed by Nicolas Roeg 

1973/ Giordano Bruno, directed by Giuliano Montaldo 

1974/ Somewhere beyond love, directed by Luigi Comencini 

1974/ The policewoman, directed by Steno 

1974/ Year one, directed by Roberto Rossellini

1974/ And began the journey in Vertigo, directed by Toni De Gregorio 

1975/ Piedone to Hong Kong, directed by Steno 

1975/ The Messiah, directed by Roberto Rossellini 

1975/ The days of chimera, directed by Franco Corona

1975/ Hit by sudden well-being, directed by Franco Giraldi 

1977/ Suspira, directed by Dario Argento 

1977/ A small bourgeois, directed by Mario Monicelli 

1977/ The monster, directed by Luigi Zampa 

1977/ Beyond good and evil, directed by Liliana Cavani 

1978/ Standard, directed by Stefano Petruzzellis 

1979/ The toy, directed by Giuliano Montaldo 

1980/ A nice lot, directed by Carlo Verdone 

1980/ The strawberry blonde, Mino Bellei 

1981/ Eye on the pen, directed by Michele Lupo 

1981/ Start from three, directed by Massimo Troisi 

1981/ Men and no, directed by Valentino Orsini 

1982/ West of Donald, directed by Alessandro Benvenuti 

1982/ Grog, directed by Francesco Laudadio 

1982/ Spaghetti House, directed by Giulio Parsi 

1982/ I'm going to live alone, directed by Marco Risi 

1983/ Welcome, directed by André Delvaux

1984/ Ladies and gentlemen, directed by Tonino Pulci 

1984/ Thus saith Bellavista, directed by Luciano De Crescenzo 

1985/ The Mystery of Bellavista, directed by Luciano De Crescenzo 

1985/ I like it, directed by Enrico Montesano 

1986/ Via Montenapoleone, directed by Carlo Vanzina 

1987/ Summer is ending, directed by Bruno Contini

1987/ Giulia e Giulia, directed by Peter Del Monte 

1986/ Down there in the jungle, directed by Stefano Reali 

1988/ 32 December, episode The Yellow Butterfly, directed by Luciano De Crescenzo 

1989/ Soap Thieves, directed by Maurizio Nichetti 

1990/ Traces of love life, directed by Peter dal Monte 

1991/ To want to fly, directed by Maurizio Nichetti 

1991/ Professional secrets, directed by Alessandro Capone 

1991/ The raffle, directed by Francesco Laudadio 

1992/ Ordinary Survival 

1993/ Stephen Quantistorie, directed by Maurizio Nichetti 

1993/ A soul split in two, directed by Silvio Soldini 

1994/ The Extras ... Director, Francisco José Fernandez

1994/ The Postman, directed by Michael Radford 

1994/ Fade out, directed by Mario Chiari 

1995/ Trinity & baby ... and now it's our turn!, directed by Enzo Barboni 

1995/ Cross and delight, directed by Luciano De Crescenzo 

1997/ Roseanna's Grave, directed by Paul Weiland 

1997/ The Le bossu, directed by Philippe de Broca 

1999/ The talented Mr. Ripley, directed by Anthony Minghella 

1999/ At Irma's house, directed by Alberto Bader 

2000/ Tobia al caffè 

2000/ Azzurro

2001/ The Son's Room 

2001/ Honolulu baby 

2001/ Ravanello Pallido 

2001/ Rebels by accident 

2005/  The Air – Short Film    

2005/  Accidents 

2007/ A bespoke love 

2008/ Marcello Marcello 

2009/ Palestrina princeps musicae, directed by Georg Brintrup

2010/ The Tourist

2011/ Habemun Papam, directed by Nanni Moretti 

2012/ Diaz – Don’t Clean Up This Blood, directed by Daniele Vicari 

2013/ Long live freedom, directed by  Roberto Andò 

2015/  My motherdirected by Nanni Moretti 

2015/  The Tale of Talesdirected by Matteo Garrone 

2016/ Tommaso, directed by Kim Rossi Stuart

2016/ Sweet Democracy, directed by Michele Diomà





1977/  Whoever you are – Serie tv 

1979/ Luigi Ganna Detective – Serie Tv 

1980/ Gradually, regia di Alberto Sironi 

1982/ Cronaca nera, regia di Faliero Rosati 

1993/ Don Fumino 

1993/ My friend - serie TV 

1998/ The Earl of Monte Cristo  – Miniserie TV 

1999/ Commissioner Montalbano – Episodio The Snack Thief

2001/ Without Borders – History of Commissioner Palatucci, regia di Fabrizio Costa 

2012/ Sister Pascalina - In the Heart of Faith – Film tv 


2013/ The last Pope King, directed by Luca Manfredi 

2014/ The network of Santini, directed by Georg Brintrup Film