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Renato Salvatori

Seravezza Prov. Lucca) 20 March 1933 – Rome, 27 March 1988




Renato to the registry Giuseppe Salvatore son of a stone Mason, he too was marble worker, as well as a busboy, was working as a lifeguard in the summer in Forte de Marmi. 

In 1951 takes to audition for the movie The Piazza Girls in Spain, and so he began his film career, he was given his first leading role was in the film Jolanda the daughter of the black corsair di Mario Soldiers in 1952. 

Salvatori starts to be known to the trilogy of films Poor but beautiful, Poor but millionairesAlso get a good success with the diptych Grandma SabellaSabella's niece, and in The usual unknowns and Bold of the usual unknownsHe was also an interpreter of dramas like the Magliari by Francesco Rosi, It was night in Rome by Roberto Rossellini, and not forgetting Simone in Luchino Visconti's Rocco and his brothers, on the set of this movie knows the French actress Annie Girardot, whom she married two years later with Alain Delon formed a fraternal friendship. From his marriage to actress Years Girardot actress gave birth to a daughter, Giulia. Saviors separates it self from Girardot and marries the German model Danka Schroeder and has a second son Nils. In the late 1970 Salvatori starts having an alcohol problem maybe caused by professional disappointments, in the early 1980s he decided to leave the cinema. In 1984 he entered the Office of Transport Minister Claudio Signorile as External relations, but his body was now tested by liver cirrhosis, which led to his death on 27 March of 1988, at the age of 55 years.





1952/ Spanish girls Spain, directed by Luciano Emmer 

1952/ The Three Privates, directed by Mario Soldati 

1952/ Jolanda, the daughter of the Black Corsaro, directed by Mario Soldati 

1953/ The men scoundrels!, directed by Anton Giulio Majano 

1953/ La domenica della buona gente, directed by Anton Giulio Majano 

1954/ Public opinion, directed by Maurizio Corgnati and Goffredo Alessandrini 

1956/ Poor but beautiful, Dino Risi 

1956/ Poor but beautifulIt was a Friday ' 17, directed by Mario Soldati 

1957/ Grandma Sabella, Dino Risi 

1957/ Iron class, directed by Turi Vasile 

1957/ Marisa the Owl, Mauro Bolognini 

1957/ Husbands in town, directed by Mauro Bolognini 

1957/ Beautiful but poor, Dino Risi 

1957/ Iron class, directed by Turi Vasile 

1957/ Marisa the Owl, Mauro Bolognini 

1957/ Husbands in town, by Luigi Comencini 

1957/ Beautiful but poor, Dino Risi 

1958/ I mom and you, directed by Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia 

1958/ The usual unknowns, by Mari Monicelli 

1958/  Sailor's promises, directed by Turi Vasile 

1958/  Granddaughter Sabella, directed by Giorgio Bianchi 

1958/ Dangerous Wives, by Luigi Comencini 

1959/ In the city hell , directed by Renato Castellani

1959/ Polycarpus, writing officer, directed by Mario Soldati

1959/ Poor millionaires, by Dino Risi 

1959/ Winter holidays, directed by Camillo Mastrocinque and Giuliano Carnimeo

1959/ I magliari , directed by Francesco Rosi

1959/ The daring blow of the usual unknowns, directed by Nanni Loy 

1959/ South wind, directed by Enzo Provenzale 

1960/ It was at night in Rome, directed by Roberto Rossellini 

1960/  Rocco and his brothers, directed by Luchino Visconti 

1960/  Two women, directed by Vittorio De Sica 

1961/ A day as a lion, directed by Nanni Loy

1962/ The disorder, directed by Franco Brusati 

1962/ Smog, directed by Franco Brusati 

1962/ The Casaroli Gang, regia di Florestano Vancini 

1962/ One of the three, regia di Andrè Cayatte 

1963/ The shortest day, regia di Sergio Corbucci 

1963/ The Companions, regia di Mario Monicelli 

1963/ Omicron, regia di Ugo Gregoretti 

1964/ The Cheat, regia di Christian Marquand 

1964/ 3 nights of love, episodio, The Widow, regia di Renato Castellani 

1964/ Extramarital, episodio The Swedish Wife, regia di Giuliano Montaldo 

1965/ A beautiful day, regia di Giuliano Montaldo 

1967/ The Target's Girl, regia di Alessandro Blasetti 

1967/  100 girls for a playboy, regia di Michael Pfleghar 

1967/ L’Harem, regia di Marco Ferreri 

1969/ Z – The of power, regia di Costa – Gavras 

1969/ Queimada, regia di Gillo Pontecorvo 

1971/ The lighthouse at the end of the world, regia di Kevin Billington 

1971/ The burglars, regia di Henri Verneuil 

1972/ The first night of quiet, regia di Valerio Zurlini 

1973/ The Amerikano, regia di Costa – Gavras 

1973/ A short holiday, regia di Vittorio De Sica 

1973/ My law, regia di Jean Chapot 

1975/ Suspicion, regia di Francesco Maselli 

1975/ Flic Story, regia di Jacques Deray 

1975/ The Gypsy, regia di Josè Giovanni 

1976/ Excellent corpses, regia di Francesco Rosi 

1976/ Men you are born cops you die, regia di Ruggero Deodato 

1976/ Todo modo, regia di Elio Petri 

1976/  The Last Woman, regia di Marco Ferreri 

1977/ That day the world will tremble, regia di Alain Jessua 

1978/ Ernesto, regia di Salvatore Samperi 

1979/ The moon, regia di Bernardo Bertolucci 

1980/ Lost items, regia di Giuseppe Bertolocci 

1980/ The cicada, directed by Alberto Lattuada 

1981/ Asso, directed by Castellano e Pipolo 

1981/ Tragedy of a ridiculous man, directed by Bernardo Bertolucci




Voice actors


Giuseppe Rinaldi in Poor but beautiful, Poor millionaires, Jolanda the daughter of the black corsair, The Three Privates, Marisa the Owl, promises from sailor, Grandma sabella, ballavi and you, Polycarpus, writing officer


Pino Locchi in The grandson Sabella, the cicada, It was night in Rome, Wife, Married in town


Marcello Prando in The usual unknowns, Bold shot of the usual unknowns, Spanish girls Spain


Riccardo Cucciolla in Rocco and his brothers, in the town of hell, clutter, Smog


Nino Manfredi in Good People's Sunday


Ferruccio Amendola in Was Friday, 17


Renzo Palmer in Winter break


Mario Colli  in A Day of Lions


Walter Chiari in fellow


Manlio De Angelis in Queimada


Luigi Montini in Asso