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Pietro Garinei

Trieste, 1 February 1919 – 9 March 2006



He graduated in pharmacy, and began working as a sports journalist of the Corriere dello sport, where she meets Sandro Giovannini. Together they founded in 1944 the humorous newspaper 1959 and since that day formed a long artistic association known as Garinei and Giovannini. In 1949 he began a collaboration with RAI for the magazine The Biscarda which subsequently leads in theatre and cinema.

He made his debut in the theater in 1949. In 1952 he introduced the genre of musical comedy in Italy with performances of magazine like Attanasio Vanese Horse, with Renato Rascel in the guise of actor, singer and dancer, producing the first major Italian soubrette, Wanda Osiris. Always with Gannon, he collected many successes, including a pair of wings, always with Renato Rascel, a Trapezoid for Lysistrata, Goodnight Bettina, The Turtle day, Ciao Rudy, Rugantino, Rinaldo, Hallelujah good people, Add a seat at the tableIf the weather hadhrimp with Gino Bramieri, Delia Scala, Sandra Mondaini, Walter Chiari, Paolo Panelli, Bice Valori, Massimo Ranieri, Domenico Modugno, Raffaella Carrà, Johnny Dorelli. Classical theatre and cinema actors, worked with them Marcello Mastroianni, Giovanna Ralli, Olamide, Giuliana Lojodice, Olga Villi, Alberto Lionello, Giulio Scarpati, Angela Luce, Massimo Ghini, Nancy Brilli. Peter's brother Enzo Garinei, actor and voice actor.




1952/ Attanasio Horse Vanesio

1954/ Jupiter in double-breasted

1956/ Goodnight Bettina

1957/ A pair of wings

1957/ The adorable Julius

1961/ Rinaldo in Field

1962/ Rugantino

1966/ Hello Rudy

1970/ Alleluja good people

1974/ Add a seat at the table




1946/ Departure at 7, directed by Mario Mattoli

1950/ q & a, directed by Mario Soldati

1958/ like you movi, te electrocute!, directed by Mario Mattoli

1960/ A Mandarin for you, directed by Mario Mattoli



Radio Rai Varieties


1949/1951 The Biscarca, weekly variety

1953/ Papa Stork, weekly variety