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Pietro De Vico

(Naples, 21 February 1911 – 10 December 1999)



Even as a child she debuted in the theater to make up for the lack of a doll which was to act as an infant in Na creature lost by Eduardo Scarpetta. At age six she plays at the theater part of Mary Joy in Misery and nobilityDan from adult founded the theater company, the Trio De Vico, during his theatre work knows operetta singer and actress Anna Campori romana to become his life and in the scene. In 1962 Eduardo De Filippo calls him to star in Christmas at the Cupiello's, as his wife in 1966 reads Nennillo and Macey in Jeanne, the grandmother of the Black CorsairIn movies where he participated was the comic sidekick or the character actor. Died of a stroke in Rome at the age of 88 years.





La famiglia Passaguai, regia di Aldo Frabrizi (1951)

Il viale della speranza, directed by Dino Risi (1953)

The suitcase of dreams, by Luigi Comencini (1953)

Le diciottenni, directed by Mario Mattoli (1955)

Hours 10: singing lessons, directed by Marino Girolami (1955)

Seven songs for seven sisters, directed by Marino Girolami (1956)

South nothing new, directed by Giorgio Simonelli (1957)

When Angels cry, by Mario Garcia (1958)

A Midsummer night's hangover, directed by Eduardo Fabbrizi (1959)

Ghosts and thieves, directed by Giorgio Simonelli (1959)

The Santa Lucia duchesssa, directed by Roberto Bianchi Montero (1959)

Ferdinando I Re di Napoli, by Gianni Franciolini (1959)

Husband hunt, directed by Marino Girolami (1960)

The last judgement, by Vittorio De Sica (1961)

The mangnifiche 7, directed by Marino Girolami (1961)

Imbalance of power 62, directed by Camillo Mastrocinque (1961)

What a Dame! and ... that bucks!, directed by Giorgio Simonelli (1961)

Pesci d'Oro e bikini d'argento, directed by Carlo Veo (1961)

Rocco e le sorelle, directed by Giorgio Simonelli (1961)

Gladiator of Rome, directed by Mario Costa (1962)

Totò diabolicus, directed by Steno (1962)

Twist, lolite e vitelloni by Marino Girolami (1962)

What happened to Toto Baby?, directed by Ottavio Alessi (1964)

The Martians have twelve hands, directed by Castellano Pipolo (1964)

Seduced and cheated, directed by Giorgio Bianchi (1964)

Wants him ... wants you, directed by Maria Amendola (1967)

Pensiero d'amore, directed by Mario Amendola (1969)

Lady Barbara, directed by Mario Amendola (1970)

Brancaleone at the Crusades, directed by Mario Monicelli (1970)

The priest married, directed by Marco Vicario (1971)

Homo Eroticus, by Marco Vicario (1971)

Sai to the camorra, directed by Ettore Maria Fizzarotti (1973)

The bribe, directed by Sergio Corbucci (1978)

My son is innocent, directed by Carlo Caiano (1978)

The mass is ended, by Nanni Moretti (1985)

Future thieves, directed by Enzo Decaro (1991)