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Peppino De Filippo 

Naples, 24 August 1903 – 27 January 1980


Illegitimate son of playwright Eduardo Scarpetta and Luisa De Filippo, brother of Eduardo e Titina De Filippo was born in Naples in Via Bausan n° 28/o, with current entrance from Via Vittoria Colonna n° 10/a. After several theatrical experiences always generic roles, in 1931 he founded with his brothers the Humor Theatre Company: the De Filippo, is a very successful experience: tours throughout Italy, new comedies, criticisms, and theaters always full. In 1944, due to constant quarrels with his brother Eduardo, Peppino left the company. This separation will give way to Peppino to find a style as an author, distinguished by Eduardo for the tone of his plays, lighter. Even as an actor Peppino will show its versatility; remember in particular two interpretations that give the demonstration of the capabilities of Peppino out of bounds of the brilliant and dialect: the Theatre de Caretaker by Harold Pinter, directed by Edmond Fenoglio in 1977 with Ugo Haystacks and Lino Capolicchio, Harpagon in the miser by James, in the same year, for the Publisher publishes Marotta, Peppino's autobiography a family hardPeppino De Filippo is not only related to the theatre, its great popularity is due mainly to the movies, and on television, his partnership with Totò in several films has created one of the most famous and acclaimed Italian film comedy pairs. The two actors, in fact had an extraordinary understanding and ability to compensate, and Peppino De Filippo may be regarded as arguably the best partner toto. Their films were extraordinary success with the public, although criticism of the time snobbasse them: particularly include: Toto Peppino and the. .. malafemy (memorable scene of the letter dictated by Totò and written by Peppino, become a true cult). He worked with Federico Fellini, Alberto Lattuada in variety lights: would then returned to work with master of Rimini in the episode Dr. Antonio's temptations in Boccaccio ' 70. 

Equally memorable is the fictional character for the tv broadcast straight flush: Gaetano Pappagone humble servant, in the service of Cummendatore Peppino De Filippo, where converge the typical theatre masksNeapolitan (punchinello and Happy Sciosciamocca), inventor of a unique and exhilarating jargon. 

Its pirichè, ecquequà, indindirintà card entered the spoken idioms common becoming ubiquitous. Married three times, his first wife Adele Carloni son Luigi who continued paterna secondly married actress and soubrette Lidia Machado, sister of Marisa Machado, married her after thirty years of cohabitation in 197, just hours before thedeath of the actress. In 1977 he married Lelia Mangano, his partner in the company. Like many famous actors, Peppino De Filippo starred in several films of the genre of the musicarello.


 Past productions


1927 / Acountry boy

1931/  Don Raffaele IL trombone 

1931/ Break the penny

1931/ Beautiful Misery

1931/ A highly trusted person

1931/ Paesana air

1931/ loves and crossbows!

1931/ I'm fine with the helmet

1931/ Cupid jokes and sweeps

1932 / Game hunting

1932 / Five minutes after

1932 / One, two, three, Hop ... there

1932 / A cover has fallen a star

1933/ Letter from mom

1933 / Forty but does not show

1933/ The olive branch

1933 / The bad love more

1933/ Lorenzo and Lucia

1934/  Liolà

1935/ A poor boy

1936/ My business partner

1936 / My first love

1937/ Bragalà pays all

1939/ The great actor

1940 / A romantic woman and a homeopathic doctor

1940 /... Di Pasquale del Prado

1941/ Not true ... ma ci credo

1942 / Cases are two

1945/ That Bandit is me!

1947/ The welcome guest

1948/ That small field

1948/ Were things for me!

1949/ Carnival

1950/ Gennarino made the vow

1950/ The best are so

1950/ Ready? Turns!

1952/ Lunch!

1952/ I'm her father!

1952/ Paterfamilias

1955/ Us!

1955/ An intellectual afternoon

1955/ Behind the facade

1956 / The meamoforsi of a walking player

1956 / The talisman of happiness

1956/  The necklace of a hundred peanuts

1957/ Tribute to Plautold

1963/ All the devils in the body

1965/ The friend of the devil

1965/ Men in tailcoat, directed by Mario Bonnard

1933/ The three-cornered hat, directed by Mario Camerini

1934/ Lamor mia doesn't die, directed by Giuseppe Amato

1938 / The Marquis of Ruvolito , directed by Raffaello Matarazzo

1939/ In a companion star, directed by Eduardo De Filippo

1939/ 's dream, directed by Oreste Biancoli and Ladislaus, Kish

1940 / Night of luck, directed by Raffaello Matarazzo

1941/ The last combat, directed by Piero Ballerini

1941/ In serving these farthings?, directed by Esodo Pratelli

1942 / The ladies of the villa next door, directed by Gian Paolo Rosmino

1942/ I'm not paying you!, directed by Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia

1942/ Casanova would do so!, directed by Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia

1942/ Campo de ' fiori, directed by Mario Bonnard

1943/ I don't move!, directed by Giorgio Simonelli

1943/ I know you, mask!, directed by Eduardo De Filippo

1943/ I have encountered in Naples, directed by Pietro Francisci

1946/ Christmas at Camp 119, directed by Giorgio Ferroni

1949/ Snow white and the seven thieves, directed by Giacomo Gentilomo

1949/ The Bisarcadirected by Giorgio Simonelli

1950/ Variety lights, directed by Federico Fellini and Alberto Lattuada

1950/ Gentlemen aboard!, directed by Luigi Zampa

1951/ The Passaguai family, directed by Aldo Fabrizi

1951/ Cycling Beauty, directed by Carlo Campogalliani

1951/ Lovely waitress..., by Giorgio Pastina

1951/ Toto and the women, directed by Steno and Mario Monicelli

1952/ One of those, directed by Nazi F

1953/ We're all tenants

1953/ Il più comico spettacolo del mondo, directed by Mario Mattoli

1953/ Martin Toccaferro

1953 / Plonker, (Via Padova, 46)

1953/ Peppino and the old lady, by Emma grammar and Piero Ballerini

1954/ A day in pretura

1954 / The Ladies of 04

1955/ Small mail

1955 / Costume Pattern

1955/ She likes me

1955 / The two chums

1955/ The sign of Venus

1955/ The last five minutes

1955/ Happens to the penitentiary

1955/ Courtyard

1955/ The parrots, directed by Bruno Paolinell 

1955 / A bit of heaven

1955/ Toto, Peppino and the malafemmina ..., directed by Camillo Mastrocinque

1956/ Guard, Guard choice brigadier and marshal

1956/ The Gang of Honest, directed by Camillo Mastrocinque

1956 / Peppino, the models and chella there

1957/ Grandmather Sabella

1957 / Holiday in Ischia

1957/ Toto, Peppino and the fanatics

1958/ Granddaughter Sabella

1958/ Troops troops, Marescia!

1958 / Anna di Brooklyn 

1958/ Pane, amore, Andalusia, directed by Javier Setò

1958 / The promissory box, directed by Camillo Mastrocinque

1959 / Arrange yourself

1959 / Polycarpus, writing officer

1959 / Ferdinand the Kings of Naples

1959 / Gentlemen you are born

1960 / Queen Size Bed

1960/ He who hesitates is lost

1960 / Like cold ...!

1960/ Genitori in Blue jeans

1960 / The Abattoler

1960 / The uncensored

1960/  The policeman on horseback

1961/ Toto, Peppino and the sweet life

1961 / Tamara divided in Berlin

1962 / The 4 taxi drivers

1963 / The Four Musketeers

1963/ The honourable Members

1963 / Adulterer adulterous him, she

1963 / Little widowdirected by Silvio Siano

1964 / Made in Italy

1965/ Rita the mosquito

1966/ Ischia operation love

1966/ The Money Factory

1966/ Soldiers and hippies

1967/ Does not stimulate the mosquito, directed by Lina Wurtemùller

1969/ Zum Zum Zum n° 2

1969 / Lisa dagli occhi blu

1969 / Nurses mutual

1969/ Ninì Tirabusciò, the woman who invented the move

1970 / Neapolitan mystery