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Pasquale Festa Campanile

(Melfi, 28 July 1927 – Rome 25 February 1986)


Son of Raffaele Festa Campanile and Olga Pappadà. At nine years old he moved with his family to Rome, where he started working as a journalist and literary critic. In 1947 became editor of the magazine La Fiera Letteraria, in 1948 he received the premio letterario La Caravella and in 1951 the Marzotto Prize for journalism. 

He began working as a screenwriter in Faddija – the law of vengeance by Roberto Montero. His directorial debut is A sentimental attempt, later also directs The Choir, La costanza della ragione .

In 1973 produces Rugantino, film adaptation of the musical comedy Garinei and Giovannini. 

In 1976 he directed The soldier of Fortune, with Bud Spencer and Enzo Cannavale, in 1977 hitch-hike, starring Franco Nero. In the 1980s, is dedicated to the subject of transsexuality in nobody's perfect, with Renato Pozzetto and Ornella Muti, so delightful you die, with Enrico Montesano as a transvestite. 

Pasquale Festa Campanile dies at the age of 58 years, was married to the painter Anna Savior, but he was also romantically linked to Catherine Spaak, Lilli Carati, remarried to Rosalba Mah.





Un tentativo sentimentale, co-directed by Massimo Franciosa (1963)

White voices, co-directed by Massimo Franciosa (1964)

La costanza della ragione (1964)

A maiden for a Prince (1965)

Adulterio all'italiana (1966)

The chastity belt (1967)

Her husband is mine and kill him anytime I want (1967)

The girl and the General (1967)

The matriarch (1968)

Scacco alla regina (1969)

Dove vai tutta nuda? (1969)

When women had tails (1970)

With what love, with love (1970)

 Il merlo maschio (1971)

When women lost their tail (1971)

With what love, with love (1970)

Il merlo maschio (1971)

When women lost their tail (1971) 

La calandria (1972)

Droit de seigneur (1972)

The emigrant (1973)

Rugantino (1973)

The spanking (1974)

Conviene far bene l'amore (1975)

Tell me who does everything for me (1976)

The soldier of Fortune (1976)

Hitch-hike (1977)

How to lose a wife and find a lover (1978)

Saturday, Sunday and Friday, episode Sunday (1979)

Il corpo della ragassa (1979)

Gegè Bellavita (1979)

The return of Casanova (1980)

The robber (1980)

Give us your hand (1980)

Nobody's perfect (1981)

Thick as thieves (1981)

The dip (1981)

Bingo Bongo (1982)

La ragazza di Trieste (1982)

So delightful you die (1982)

Holy cow (1982)

A rich man, poor man (1983)

On having Tourette (1983)

Respectable outrage (1984)





Faddija – the law of vengeance, directed by Roberto Bianchi Montero (1949)

Lovers, directed by Mauro Bolognini (1955)

Terror in the city, directed by Anton Giulio Majano (1957)

La donna che venne dal mare, by Francesco De Robertis (1957)

La donna Sabella, Dino Risi (1957)

Belle ma povere, Dino Risi (1957)

The Mama's boy, directed by Mauro Morassi (1957)

Vacanze a Ischia, by Mario Camerini (1957)

Giovani mariti, directed by Mauro Bolognini (1958)

Ladro lui, ladra lei, directed by Luigi Zampa (1958)

Totò e Marcellino, directed by Antoni Musu (1958)

Everyone's in love, directed by Giuseppe Orlandini (1958)

Venezia, la luna e tu, Dino Risi (1958)

Ferdinando I, re di Napoli (1959), directed by Giani Franciolini

The magistrate, directed by Luigi Zampa (1959)

The one hundred kilometers, directed by Giulio Petroni (1959)

Poor millionaires, by Dino Risi (1959)

Rocco e i suoi fratelli, directed by Luchino Visconti/1960)

Le tre eccetera del colonnello, by Claude Boissol (1960)

The killer, directed by Elio Petri (1961)

The Lovemakers (film), directed by Mauro Bolognini (1961)

La bellezza di Ippolita (1962), directed by Giancarlo Zagni

The four days of Naples, directed by Nanni Loy (1962)

Smog, directed by Franco Rossi (1962)

The Leopard, by Luchino Visconti (1963)

In Italy is called love, directed by Virgilio Sabel (1963)

No Sun nor Moon, directed by Luciano Ricci (1963)

A modern history – the Queen Bee, directed by Marco Ferreri (1963)






La nonna Sabella (1957)

Conviene far bene l'amore (1975)

Il ladrone (1977)

Sin (1980)

La ragazza di Trieste (1982)

Per amore, solo per amore (1984)

The witch in love (1985)

Merry Christmas, happy new year (1986)