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Paris is always Paris 




A group of Italians travel to Paris to attend the Italy -France football match. The group includes, among others, the De Angelis family, consisting of a father, made and daughter with their boyfriend, two young men, inseparable friends. Everyone hopes for the best in the short twenty-four-hour history in the Ville Lumiere. Mother and daughter think above all of fashion stores and hairdressers for ladies; his father, after the ritual visit to the monuments, relies on an old friend, a displanting baron, who should guide him for the dreamy gallant Paris, that of easy adventures. The ladies, after an unhappy experiment in a beauty house, will end up taking a breathless ride through the characteristic premises, which will leave them unsatisfied. His father, meanwhile, following his baron friend, spends the afternoon in the workshop of an antique dealers and in the evening between unpleasant and far from gallant adventures. Only the youngest of the group, who did not expect anything, finds true love in a small newsa day. The two, after spending a happy evening on a modest dancing, break up with tears in their eyes promising to write to each other. 




Roman Vlad's soundtrack, with songs performed by Yves Montand.