Paolo Panelli

(Rome, 15 July 1925-Rome, 19 May 1997)


He began his theatrical career after graduating from the National Academic drama Rome, after having taken the first steps on stage as an actor Revue, debuts in 1946 with The Cherry Orchard, working on Piccolo Teatro of Rome until 1951, devoting himself more and more to the world of radio and television, thanks to the interpretation of the musical comedies of Garinei and Giovannini: Goodnight Bettina, the adorable Julius anda Trapeze for LisitrattaHe had a great passion for wood and in particular for the inlay.

In an interview published on a rotogravure, claimed to have started fiddling with the wood at age eight. IlConte Tacchia playing the role of the father of the protagonist, does the work of Carpenter.

In 1959 he won the silver microphone Award for best tv personality of the year for conducting a historic Edition of Canzonissima, along with Delia Scala and Nino Manfredi. The same program also led the 1968 Edition along with Mina and Walter Chiari. He worked alongside the brilliant actress wife Bice Valori, with her was the star of numerous television shows since 1952, when the two actors were married, among these include Pep small encyclopedia Panelli of 1963, special for us of 1971, But that evening of 1978. In 1961 he starred in the musical comedy Rinaldo in Field of Garinei and Giovannini, with Domenico Modugno, Delia Scala, Franco Franchi and Ciccio Ingrassia, as "Chiericuzzu", in which, the comic actor, gives a great test, even by dramatic actor, at the moment of death of the character. He was a regular guest in almost all successful tv and radio shows, playing various characters including the taxi driver. Pacino has demonstrated his comic, and sometimes irreverent interpreter of the Roman characters, but also of the caricaturist vices of Italian middle.




La famiglia dell'antiquario of Goldoni, directed by Alfredo Zennaro, 1946

And he says ... by Benecoste, directed by Adolfo Celi, 1947

The fair of the masks, rmplementation of Vito Pandolfi, with Nino Manfredi, Tino Buazzelli, Arnoldo Foà, 1947

Christ killed by Gian Paolo Callegari, directed by Guido Salvini, Teatro La Fenice in Venice, 1948

Long-nosed and short legs by Pietro Garinei and Sandro Giavannini, 1948

Don Giovanni or the stone guest by Moliere, directed by Orazio Costa, with Nino Manfredi, Tino Buazzelli and Bice Valori, 1949

The legend of Liliom by Ferenc Molnar, Director Orazio Costa, with Nino Manfredi, and Bice Valori, 1949

Shakespeare's twelfth night, directed by Orazio Costa, Nino Manfredi, Anna Proclemer, Bice Valori, 1950

Three-act plays (the friendship, the dead don't scare, the success of the day) by Eduardo De Filippo, directed by Eduardo De Filippo, with Nino Mafredi, Bice Valori, 1952

Le Bourgeois gentilhomme, Molière, directed by Tabari, Pavlova, 1952

Upstream, by Vittorio Metz and Marcello Marchesi, with Walter Chiari, Domenico Modugno, Bice Valori, Gino Bramieri, 1953

Without a net, by Alberto Bonucci, and Paolo Panelli, with Monica Vitti, and Francesco Mulé .1954

Goodnight, Bettina, Piero and Sandro Giovannini, Garinei, with Walter Chiari, and Delia Scala, 1956

The adorable Giulio di Pietro Garinei e Sandro Giovannini, with Carlo Dapporto, Delia Scala, Paolo Panelli, Teddy Reno, 1957

A Trapeze to Lysistrata di Pietro Garinei e Sandro Giovannini, with Mario Carotenuto, Nino Manfredi and Delia Scala, 1958

Rinaldo in campo di Pietro Garinei e Sandro Giovannini, with Domenico Modugno, Delia Scala, Franco Franchi and Ciccio Ingrassia, 1961

Dawn, day and night by Dario Niccodemi, directed by Luciano Mandolfo, with Bice Valori, and Elio Pandolfi, produced by Garinei, and Giavannini, 1966

La Bottega del Caffè, Goldoni, directed by Giuseppe Patroni Griffi, 1967

No sex please we're British, a. Marriot, directed by Pietro Garinei and Sandro Giovannini, with Johnny Dorelli, Alida Chelli, and Bice Valori, 1973

Add a seat at the table, Garinei, Giovannini, Iai Fiastri, directed by Garinei e Giovanni with Johnny Dorelli, Bice Valori, Elio Pandolfi, Gloria Guida, 1980




1942 / Alpha Tau


1948 / Guarany of Riccardo Chilly


1948 / goodbye, Daddy


1949 / Swallows in flight


1950 / against the law


1950hearts at sea


1951 / Parigi è sempre Parigi


1951 / L’ultima sentenza


1952 / Solo per te Lucia, regia di Franco Rosi


1952Moglie per una notte




1953/ I sette dell’orsa maggiore


1953 / La voce del silenzio


1954/ Ridere! Ridere! Ridere, regia di Edoardo Anton


1954/ Divisione Folgore


1954/ La grande speranza


1954Ho scelto l’amore


1955/ La moglie è uguale per tutti


1955Bella non piangere


1957/ I diritti


1958/ Mia nonna poliziotto


1958/ Le dritte


1960/ Noi duri, regia di Camillo Mastrocinque


1960/ I Teddy boys della canzone, regia di Domenico Paolella


1960/ Ladies, directed by Turi Vasile


1961/ Akiko by Luigi Filippo D'Amico


1961/ The killer


1961/ Cronache del ' 22


1963/ We are all pomicioni


1963/ The shortest day


1964/ The Martians have 12 hands


1965/ Amore all'italiana


1965/ I kill, you kill, episode "the dance of the hours"


1966/ Rita la Zanzara


1966/ Forgiveness


1966/ Me, me, me and others


1967/ Other, others, and us


1968/ Zum Zum Zum, the song that goes through my head


1969/ Gli infermieri della mutua


1970/ Midnight love affair


1970/ On the day of the Lord


1982/ Il conte Tacchia


1983/ Sing Sing


1983/ This and that


1986Department stores


1987/ Those of the helmet


1989/ Splendor


1991/ Towards Evening


1992/ Parenti serpenti




1989/ The guys at 3° c


1989/ The traffic COP, directed by Castellano e Pipolo, episode the old man where I put it?


1994/ Crazy family


1996/ Crazy family 2