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Orazio Stracuzzi

Catania, 8 August 1947




Orazio Stracuzzi debuts in the first half of the Seventies interpreting roles to be supporting that often flank the/the protagonist of the films; Among his most important interpretations can be mentioned the role of the mayor in The policewoman in which he plays a corrupt entrepreneur who intends to get rid of the protagonist, played by Mariangela Melato; On that occasion the actor was voiced by his colleague Renato Mori to give the character a more powerful vocal tone to enhance his physical and authoritarian tonnage. In His forty-year career, Orazio Stracuzzi has demonstrated his skills as a multifaceted actor in various genres, crossing the films of adventure, dramas, police, but the genre where he was able to juggle the best is the Italian comedy; Endowed with a stout physique and a smiling or austere face depending on the occasion, it has often been required to interpret roles of affectionate fathers, magnanimous teachers or neighbors available. Among the actors with whom he has most starred can be cited Vittorio Gassman, Lando Buzzanca, Ugo Tognazzi, Alberto Sordi and the directors Luigi Filippo D'amico, Steno, Marco Risi and Carlo Vanzina.





1970/ from our Envoy to Copenhagen, directed by Alberto Cavallone

1970/ Brancaleone at the Crusades, directed by Mario Monicelli

1970/ crowned Prince wanted for rich Heiitiera, directed by Giovanni Grimaldi

1971/ The workers class goes to Paradise, directed by Elio Petri

1971/ The male blackbird, directed by Pasquale Festa Campanile

1971/ The Sheriff Of rockspring, directed by Antony Green

1972/ In the name of the Father, directed by Marco Bellocchio

1972/ The  True and the false, directed by eriprando Visconti

1972/ The families of the victims will not be warned, directed by Alberto De Martino

1972/ Camorra, directed by Pasquale squittieri

1972/ The migratory bird, directed by Steno

1972/ The general sleeps on his feet, directed by Francesco Massaro

1972/ The Case pisciotta, directed By eriprando Visconti

1972/ History of Fifa and Knife, er followed d'er more, directed by Mario Amendola

1973/ You can be more Bastards Than Inspector Cliff?, directed by Massimo Dallamano

1973/ Days of Love on the edge of a lama, directed by Giuseppe Pellegrini

1973/ The Crime matteotti, directed by Florestano Vancini

1973/ Revolver, directed by Sergio Sollima

1973/ Repriaglia, directed by George Pan Cosmatos

1973/ The lady was raped, directed by Vittorio Sindoni

1973/ put... I'll break your muzzle, directed by Giuseppe Vari

1973/ The godson Of The Godfather, directed by Mariano Laurenti

1973/ Love and gymnastics, directed by Luigi Filippo D'Amico

1973/ Those that count, directed by Andrea Bianchi

1974/ The referee, directed by Luigi Filippo D'Amico

1974/ Arrive Joe e margherito, directed by Giuseppe Colizzi

1974/ flying Team, directed by Stelvio Massi

1974/ My love, do not hurt me, directed by Vittorio Sindoni

1974/ A man, a city, directed by Romolo Guerrieri

1974/ The saprofita, directed by Sergio Nasca

1974/ The policewoman, directed by Steno

1975/ Vermisat, directed by Mario Brenta

1983/ The Tassinaro, directed by Alberto Sordi

1988/ My wife is a beast, directed by Castellano and Pipolo

1990/ Open Doors, directed by Gianni Amelio

1991/ The rubber wall, directed by Marco Risi

1993/ Thousand Blue Bubbles, directed by Leone Pompucci

1994/ The Postman, directed by Michael Radford

1994/ August, directed by Massimo Spano

1995/ Snowball, directed by Maurizio Nichetti

1996/ Festival, directed by Pupi Avati

1998/ The last New Year, directed by Marco Risi

1998/ Forbidden Encounters, directed by Alberto Sordi

1999/ The sky in a room, directed by Carlo Vanzina

2000/ Giraffes, directed by Claudio Bonivento

2001/ Tomorrow, directed by Francesca Archibugi

2001/ The Knights who made the feat, directed By Pupi Avati

2001/ Another year and then grow, directed by Federico di Cicilia

2003/ Sunday lunch, directed by Carlo Vanzina

2009/ Baarìa, directed by Giuseppe Tornatore

2013/ The Mafia kills only in summer, directed by Pif

2015/ I 'll go back and change Life, directed by Carlo Vanzina

2016/ At war for love , directed by Pif






1970/ The Comedians' Cart, directed by Andrea Camilleri, Tv series,

1971/ And the stars are watching, directed By Anton Giulio Majano, Tv miniseries

1972/ Joe Petrosino, directed by Daniele D'anza, TV miniseries

1984/ Western of our things , directed by Pino Passalacqua

1989/ The Octopus 4, directed by Luigi Perelli, TV miniseries

1989/ Desperately Julia, directed by Enrico Maria Salerno

1991/ Chiara and the othersdirected by Gianfrancesco Lazotti

1999/ The Commissioner Montalbano, directed by Alberto Siron

1999/ Years  60, directed by Carlo Vanzina, miniseries TV

2000/ Don Matteo, directed By Enrico Oldoini (Tv series 1st season, episode 13)

2001/ In Love and War, directed by John Kent Harrison

2002/ The Commissioner, directed by Alessandro Capone

2012/ Antimafia Team – Palermo today, directed by various directors