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Love story of a girl, who works as a mask in a film, a soldier returned from the front in FTS for a leave of absence. The military, the days of license, returns to the front where is seriously injured, losing a leg, on his return to town, prefer not to be seen by his girlfriend, who believing himself forgotten by his love, joins a mature man wants marry, though she does not love him, But the interest of a common friend does meet two young men who will love and will to live together despite the serious impairment of the boy.


Film notes



Country of origin: Italy

Year: 1944

Duration: 74 min

Color: Black/White

Audio: Sound

Kind: Drama

Director: Mario Baffico

Subject: Piero Tellini

Screenplay: Piero Tellini, Mario Baffico

Manufacturer: Cines

Distribution: Enic  

Photography: Carlo Nebiolo, Alberto Fusi

Editing: Carlo Alberto Chiesa

Music: Ennio Porrino




Olga Solbelli

Renato Malavasi

Silvia Mantle

Silvio Bagolini

Emilio Baldanello

Nuto Navarrini

Eminio Shoulder

Giuliana Pinelli

Roberto Bruni