Odessa in flames




The film is a family drama about an opera singer, who tired of her husband's betrayal, decides to leave him bringing his son. Soviet troops occupied the town and kidnap his son by taking him to Odessa, her husband enlisted in the Romanian army to fight the Russians. After the war the family gathers.




 Film notes



 Original title: Odessa in flames

Country of origin: Italy, Romania

Year: 1942

Duration: 83 min

Color: black/white

Audio: Sound

Genre: Drama

Director: Carmine Gallone

Subject: Nuclai Kiritescu

Manufacturer: Great Historical Films

Distribution: I.C.I. 1942

Galleries: Anchises Brizzi

Editing: Nicholas Lazzari

Music: Jon Susan

Art Director: Jessie Faulkner






Maria Cebotari

Carlo Ninchi 

Olga Solbelli

Filippo Scelzo


Rubi Dalma

Bella Starace Sainati 


Lola Braccini

Massimo Turci


Adele Garavaglia

Saro Urzi


Paolo Ferrari

Giuseppe Varni


Checco Rissone





Produced from Large Film history, by Carmine Gallone, and Federico Curioni, in collaboration withO.N. CRomena, the film was shot in two versions, always directed by the gallon, for inmates to Cinecittà and outdoors in Romania, to go out in Italian cinemas on 14 September 1942.