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Returned to Petrograd from the Crimea, where her family had taken refuge at the outbreak of the bourgeois revolution, the young Kira Argounova resumed his studies and addresses the daily problems of Russian reality of early 1920s among the repercussions of statalizzazioni forced and the use of ' new economic policy '. Meet down the street a young aristocratic origins, Leo Kovalenski, overlooked by the political police, and falls in love. Is under arrest for suspected anti-Soviet activity, Kira is released by Commissioner Andrei Taganov, struck by her beauty and her proud character. Leo, sick, she needs to be hospitalized in a sanatorium, and to assure him the cure Kira becomes the mistress of Andrei. When Leo healed, returned, Kira goes to live with him. Without work, Leo lets draw in a round of racketeering for which is stopped by the same Andrei, who discovers the true bond of Kira with Leo. Already upset by the oppressive political regime in which Jack fold had identified his ideals, and now also disappointed in love, Andrei makes one last gesture generous; frees Leo, then, before being executed for treason, kills himself. Leo holds to Kira that she was the mistress of Andrei and leaves; She decides to flee illegally from Russia, but at the border, on a snow-covered field, is surprised by a guard who shoots and kills her.


 Film notes


Country of origin: Italy

Year: 1942

Duration: 94 min

Color: Black/White

Audio: Sound

Kind: Drama

Directed By: Goffredo Alessandrini

Subject: Ayn Rand

Screenplay: Corrado Alvaro, Anton Giulio Majano, Orio

Vali Studio: Scalera Film, Film Era

Distribution: Scalera Film

Photography: Joseph Campbell

Editing: Eraldo Da Roma

Music: Renzo Rossellini

Art Director: Andrei Bessborodoff






Alida Valli

Fosco Giachetti

Rossano Brazzi

Emilio Cigoli

Giovanni Grasso Jr

Annibale Betrone

Elvira Betrone

Too Benelli

Cesarina Galsan

Silvia Mantle

Bianca Doria

Lamberto Picasso

Claudia Marti

Evelina Paoli