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Nino Martoglio

Belpasso, 3 December 1870 — Catania, 15 September 1921



The son of a former partisan, journalist Mads just 19 years he founded the satirical weekly written in Sicilian language, D'artagnan where publish all his poems, then inserted into the collection Centonathey were appreciated by Giosuè Carducci. In 1901 creates Dramatic Sicilian Company which already belong to actors like Giovanni Grasso, Virginia Balistreri, Giacinta Pezzana, and Toto Majorana. In 1907 he was appointed Director of the theater company Angelo Musco, which establishes a fruitful artistic collaboration, his are the comedy San Giovanni decollato, the air of the Continent.  In 1910 he founded in Rome the Minimum Theatre structure, taking care of numerous works in Italy and abroad. Together with Luigi Pirandello writes to Villanza and Capidazza pays tuttu, in 1918 he founded the Compagnia del Teatro Mediterraneo. Collaborates with the Cines as scriptwriter, and for which he directed the novel in which they recite Carmine Gallone and his wife Soava. He died in 51 years falling into the elevator shaft of the hospital Vittorio Emanuele of Catania where he went to visit the sick child.




1913/ The Novel 

1913/ The Elbow Black 

1914/ Captain Blanco 

1914/ Lost in the dark 

1915/ Teresa Raquin 

1971/ St. John's Take off 


Filmography is from published plays


St. John's Take off , directed by Telemachus Ruggieri

The air of the continent directed by Gennaro Righelli

The Marquis Ruvolito, directed by Raffaello Matarazzo

Too late I've known, directed by Emanuele Caracciolo

Increasingly difficult, directed by Pietro Ballerini and Renato Angiolillo




Literary works


1890/ In tistimunianza, sonnets, Catania, Gandy

1895/ O' scuru o' scuru, Album of Sicilian sonnets on the maffia, Catania, Galati

1899/ Centona. Fifty sonnets spoken in Catania, Catania, Mattei

1899/ In Cuncettu Tamburineri, Smafiri Alliance of triple Mastru Lu. Polimetro spoken Russian in Catania, Catania, Burlesque

1907/ Centona. Complete collection of verses Sicilians Catania, Gandy