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Nico Pepe

Udine, 13 August 1907 – 19 January 1987 




He made his debut in 1930 in theater as generic in the company of Roger wolves and Olamide.

In the variety theatre plays That you put on your head?, then interprets the classics of theater, will work in companies of Antonio Gandusio, Peppino De Filippo, Sergio Tofano, Giuditta Rissone and Vittorio de Sica. In 1953 he began working with the Piccolo Teatro di Milano, in 1959 she played the role of Pantaleone in Harlequin servant of two masters by Giorgio Streheler. He founded and directed the Teatro Stabile of Turin also directs the permanent company of Palermo and the University of Rome. Author of theatrical productions, he makes a tour with an original formula of theater in "miniature" articulated the "conversation" recital. For cinema was an interpreter of many films including bitter rice, the most beautiful woman in the world film dedicated to Lina Cavalieri, filmed alongside Gina Lollobrigida and Vittorio Gassman. He was the author of several texts for theatre and radio.





1936/ The two sergeants, directed by Enzo Guazzoni

1936/ Men are not ungrateful, directed by Guido Brignone/

1938/ Luciano Serra Pilota, directed by Goffredo Alessandrini

1938/ I want to live with Letizia, directed by Camillo Mastrocinque

1939/ We were seven widows, directed by Mario Mattoli

1939/ Defendant, get up!, directed by Mario Mattoli

1940/ Kruja's Knight, directed by Carlo Campogalliani

1940/ Capitan Fracassa, directed by Duilio Coletti

1941/ Mom, directed by Guido Brignone

1941/ A husband for April, directed by Giorgio Simonelli

1941/ Marco Visconti, directed by Mario Bonnard

1941/ The mask, by Cesare Borgia, directed by Duilio Coletti

1941/ Confessions, directed by Flavio Calzavara

1941/ Teresa Venerdì, by Vittorio De Sica

1942/ The Black Panther directed by Domenico Gambino

1942/ Giarabub, directed by Geoffrey Alssandrini

1942/ The Countess of Castiglione, directed by Flavio Calvazara

1942/ The deal becomes complicated, directed by Pier Luigi Faraldo

1942/ Mountain Ones, directed by Aldo Vergano

1943/ The land without peacedirected by Leo Menardi

1944/ Ztown, directed by Renato Castellani

1945/ 07 ... Taxi, directed by Alberto D'aversa

1946/ Tehran, directed by William Fresham and Giacomo Gentilomo

1947/ The two orphans, directed by Mario Mattoli

1947/ The mascot of the Blue Devils, directed by Carlo Alberto Baltieri

1948/ Goodbye, Papa, directed by Camillo Mastrocinque

1948/ Men are enemies, directed by Ettore Giannini, Henri Calef

1949/ The Kiss of a Dead One, directed by Guido Brignone

1949/ If I were Congressman, directed by Giorgio Simonelli

1949/ I dreamed of heaven, directed by Giorgio Pastina

1949/ Bitter rice directed by Giuseppe De Santis

1949/ Follies for the Opera, Mario Costa

1950/ The hoeer, directed by Rate Furlnan

1950/ Cavalcade of Heroes, Mario Costa

1950/ Beggar's daughter, directed by Carlo Campogalliani

1950/ Taxi at night, directed by Carmine Gallone

1950/ Totò tarzan, directed by Mario Mattoli

1951/ Congratulations and sons boys!, directed by Giorgio Simonelli

1951/ Napoleon, directed by Carlo Borghesio

1951/ Cycling beauties, directed by Carlo Campogalliani

1951/ Damn taxes!, directed by Mario Mattoli

1952/ Murder at the carnival, directed by Renato Polselli

1952/ Songs of half a century, directed by Domenico Paolella

1952/ The Angels of the Neighborhood, directed by Carlo Borghesio

1952/ The executioner of Lille,-the adventurous life of Milady, directed by Vittorio Cottafavi

1952/ The Devil's daughter, directed by Primo Zeglio

1952/ Chairwoman, directed by Pietro Germi

1953/ Greetings and kisses, directed by Maurice Labro and Giorgio Simonelli

1953/ Captain Ghost, directed by Primo Zeglio

1953/ Phryne, courtesan of the East, directed by Mario Bonnard

1954/ Ghetto orphan, directed by Carlo Campogalliani

1954/ Cent SERENADES, directed by Anton Giulio Majano

1954/ Cuttica, episode, Variety, directed by Domenico Paolella

1954/ Garibaldina, episode, one hundred years of love, directed by Lionello De Felice

1954/ The Loves of Man Lescaut, directed by Mario Costa

1954/ The Three Thieves, directed by Lionello De Felice

1954/ The beach, directed by Alberto Lattuada

1954/ Jail leftovers, directed by Vittorio Cottafavi

1954/ Bread, love and jealousy, directed by Luigi Comencini

1955/ Come back little my directed by Carlo Campogalliani

1955/ Street sheet directed by Carlo Campagalliani

1955/ The Adventures of Giacomo Casanova directed by Steno

1955/ The Song of the Heart,  directed byCarlo Campogalliani

1955/ The most beautiful woman in the world directed by Rober Z.Leonard

1955/ Street sheet, directed by Carlo Campogalliani

1956/ The Intruder,  directed by Raffaello Matarazzo

1957/ The Angel of the Alps,  directed by Carlo Campogalliani

1958/ The law is the law,  directed byChristian – Jaque

1958/ Remember Naples,  directed by Pino Mercanti

1959/ Leather issue, directed by Claude Berrnard -Aubert

1960/ Gentlemen you are born,  directed by Mario Mattoli

1960/ Three-square bed,  directed bySteno

1960/ Screamers at the bar,  directed by Lucio Fulci

1960/ The Diabolical Dr. Mabuse,  directed by Fritz Lang

1960/ Theseus against the minotaur,  directed by Silvio Amadio

1961/ Italian Capriccio,  directed byGlauco Pellergrini

1961/ The black monocle,  directed by Georges Lautner

1962/ Poker with devil,  directed by Phillipe Agostini

1962/ Assur's Seven Lightning,  directed by Silvio Amadio

1963/ Follies, in summer,  directed by Carlo Infascelli e Edoardo Anton

1973/ It was me!,  directed byAlberto Lattuada

1981/ Matlosa,  directed by Villi Hermann




The Novel of a Master, directed by Mario Landi

Where did Herrman Schneider go., directed by  Claudio Fino

Tonight Fernandel,  directed by  Camillo Mastrocinque

King Deer, directed by  Andrea Camilleri

Three women directed by  Alfredo Giannetti

Wine and breaddirected by Piero Schivazappa

Have a good trip,Paul, directed by Stefano de Stefano

You can't take them with you, directed by Silverio Blasi

The Shrewd Widow, directed by Sandro Bolchi

Lennox Robinson Church Street , directed by Daniele D'Anza

In preturadirected by Erminio Macario e Lino Procacci

The servant's beatings, directed by Erminio Macario, Lino Procacci

The poor baker of Venicedirected by  Francesco Dell'Ongaro

Thieves' Tanadirected by Eros, Macchi

The crazy day, that is, "The Marriage of Figaro"by Pierre – Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais, directed by Virginio Puecher e Carla Ragionieri

The Journey, directed by Flaminio Bollini

Rosemary, directed by Carlo Lodovici

The Devil's Tail, Yves Jamiaque, directed by Leonardo Cortese

The widow, directed by Charles Langley

Mario and Maria, directed by Giuseppe Di Martino

The school of Molierè 's wife, directed by Vittorio Cottafavi

Visit of the old lady by Friedrich Durrenmatt, directed by Mario Landi

Exhibit number six, directed by Guglielmo Morandi

Man or vegetable?, by Francis Scott Fitzgerald, directed by Mario Landi