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Christmas at Camp 119 




Immediately after the armistice, some Italian soldiers, from various parts of the country, are imprisoned in the American prison camp 119, in the custody of a disliked sergeant and a major, on the other hand, very human. There they spend their days carrying out various small activities, enjoying listening to records or military radio, improvising makeshift banquets, and telling about past times.


The Roman Giuseppe Mancini tells others about when one afternoon he took his five children for a walk in Fori Imperiali. There he met a young girl from Turin, Mirella. To impress her, Giuseppe pretends not to be the father of the little boys who, in the meantime, are unleashed under the desperate gaze of the custodian of the Forums. Only when little Giulio falls off a wall and starts crying, Joseph's bluf is revealed. The man returns home and suffers his wife's remand. Don Vincenzino, a noble scion who loves the game, squandered all his fortunes, tells others about when he was saved by Gennarino, who simulated his funeral, using his mourning carriage to convince creditors that the man had just committed suicide. Guido instead tells of his love for the beautiful Fiammetta. The two had just become engaged in Florence before the war broke out. They had to separate and it was a painful detachment. Some time later Fiammetta discovers that she is pregnant with Guido knowing that her beloved is interned in a prisoner of war camp, but decides to marry her by proxy. Nane, a Venetian gondolier of beautiful presence, tells others about when he happened to gnaw and then seduce a beautiful married foreign lady. The woman was thrown as a wolf throughout Venice until, having to return to the ranks, she was forced to leave with her husband.






The film was shot for the interior at the SAFA Palatine studios in Rome.