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My Son Professor





The janitor of a Roman school seeks social redemption by allowing his son, on the point of sacrifice, to study until he becomes a teacher, precisely in the school where he himself works. 




The writer Mario Soldati plays the anti-fascist professor. 




Produced by Riccardo Gualino, the was shot in the Scalere Film factories in via della Circovallanzione Appia in Rome. The film takes place in the historic Liceo Ginnasio E.Q. Visconti in Piazza del Collegio Romano. 




For the Merghetti Dictionary, the film tackles neo-reactionary themes with a smile, anticipating the poetics of Castellani's future films, sometimes slips into the grotesque but contains some memorable comedies. 


For the Morandini Dictionary it is a film full of rhythm with a skilful study of the environment and an appreciable joy of telling quickly in a skilful mixture of comic and pathetic, with Aldo Fabrizi funny and very convicent.