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Milva (Maria Ilva Biolcati)

Goro, 17 July 1939



His parents wanted to baptize Milva, but the pastor chose the name Maria Ilva, because the baby would have had no patron for the Saint's day. Starts very young singing in dance halls of Farhan with his stage name Sabrina, and there she was noticed for his grit and his extraordinary voice. Affects a large number of disks which resemble two hits like Flamenco Rock and Blue Spanish eyes 

In 1961 she married Director Maurizio Corgnati, by whom she has a daughter, Martina Corgnati, curator and art critic. Milva has described Chandra the most important man in her life but will leave it in 1969. Meanwhile is having an affair with actor Mario Piave and then with lyricist Max Gallerani, afterwards, with the voice actor Luigi Pistilli. Began work on the theater with Gino Bramieri, David Riondino and Giorgio Strehler, the songs of Bertolt Brecht, whom Milva devotes four recording projects and numerous recitals. Famous is his performance as pirate Jenny in de The Threepenny Opera In parallel he continues his career as a singer through the incision of important album to which collaborate Ennio Morricone, Francis Lai, Mikis Theodarakis, Vangelis, Enzo Jannacci and Franco Battiato. In the mid-1970s leaving two LP Brechtian world and cared for by Giorgio Strehler: Milva sings Brecht and Milva Brecht

In 1975 the LP Freedom, ten years after songs of FreedomThe greatest hits of Milva are: Milord, taken from the Repertoire of Edith Piaf, to whom the singer dedicates an entire album and The Filanda, song cover of the Portuguese singer Amàlia Rodrigues (fado). 

From 1973 to 1980 under the guidance of the important international tour impresario Gallant, Helium produces. In 1985 Milva recorded single Marinero, which gets quite successful even abroad.

In 1999 he sings along with Aamir in a version of the song I at night, known in Germany under the title Many Nàchte ohne dich