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Maurizio Ponzi

Rome, 8 October 1939



Ponzi spent at Olivetti, he worked as a film critic for magazines, including Filmcritica, Cinemasessanta, Chaiers du Cinéma, and becomes part of the Editorial Board of Cinema & movies. He became Assistant of Pier Paolo Pasolini in 1966 he directed the documentaries "the cinema of Pasolini" and "To" and "Rossellini To Visconti" in 1968 he debuted with the film visionaries.






1968/ The visionaries 

1971/ Equinox

1975/ The Raoul Case 

1982/ Me, Clare and the Dark 

1982/ Madonna that silence there tonight 

1983/ I'm glad 

1984/ Aurora 

1986/ The Lieutenant of police

1987/ Us men hard 

1988/ The Volpone 

1990/ I wanted his pants 

1992/ Parental rating 

1964/ Even Accountants have souls 

1996/ Italians 

1997/ Brothers Knives 

1999/ Besame mucho 

2004/ With the lights off 

2012/ See you at home 






1974/ The voice of the turtledove – miniseries 

1975/ The strange case of via Gij (tv movie)

1978/ Mattolineide

1979/ Hedda Gabler (Tv) 

1979/ Luigi Ganna detective -Miniseries 

1983/ Valentino – miniseries 

1991/ Black as the heart

2001-2003/ The beauty of women – television series 

2006/ And then there's Philip – miniseries