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 Maurizio d'Ancona

(Florence 16 July 1912 – may 15, 1983)



Still, real name Maurice of Rodolfo Gucci, son of a merchant family of fabrics and clothing, from which will come the famous Gucci fashion house. Discovered by Danish Director Alfred Lind, for the male face in silent film Girls not joke, next to Leda Gloria. In 1929, she starred in the silent movie Rails, Mario Camerini, then voiced in 1931, beginning the acting career. After the war, he dedicated himself to the family business with his brothers Ugo, Vasco, and Aldo, although he remains a passion for cinema much to collect pieces of documentary films about Hitler and Mussolini making a collage.

He died in Milan in 1983.





1929 Girls, not joke, by Alfred Lind

1931 Rails, Mario Camerini

1931 Figaro and his big day, Mario Camerini

1931 The Devil Girl, by Jack Salvatori

1932 La vecchia signora, by Amleto Palermi

1932 Five to Zero, by Mario Bonnard

1933 Venus, by Nicola Fausto Neroni

1933 The distant voice, by Guido Brignone

1933 La serva padrona, Giorgio Mannini

1933 In the dark together, by Gennaro Righelli

1934 The channel of angels, by Francesco Pasinetti

1835 Those two, by Gennaro Righelli

1935 Golden arrow, Viki, Corrado D'errico

1935 Casta Diva, by Carmine Gallone

1935 Ginevra degli Alimeri, by Guido Brignone

1936 Ambassador, by Baldassarre Negroni

1936 Nozze Vagabonde, by Guido Brignone

1936 The ancestor, by Guido Brignone

1937 Nina non far la stupida, Nunzio Malasomma

1938 Grandmother Happiness, by Mario Mattoli

1939 The property of the absentees, by Raffaello Matarazzo

1939 Hart, Mario Camerini

1939 land, by Mario Baffico

1939 The boarders of Saint-Cry, by Gennaro Righelli

1939 The conquest of the air, Romolo Marcellini

1940 Scandal for good, of Esodo Pratelli

1940 $100,000, Mario Camerini

1940 Return, Gárdonyi von Bolvàry

1940 Don Pasquale, di Camillo Mastroncinque

1940 Il re del circo, di Tullio, Chang

1940 Finally alone, by Giacomo Gentilomo

1942 Charles's aunt, by Alfredo Guarini

1942 The seven sins, by Ladislaus Kish

1943 Gambling, Parsifal Bassi

1943 Special envoys, Romolo Marcellini

1943 L'avventura di Annabella, di Leo Menardi

1943 Our next, Gherardo Gheradi Aldo Rossi

1943 The mountain woman, by Renato Castellani

1944 The good luck, by Fernando Cerchio

1944 The simple life, by Francesco De Robertis

1945 Biraghin, by Carmine Gallone