Film produced by Renato Angiolillo for Crystal Film, in collaboration with the Rome Film Excelsa and the patronage of the Ministry of the Navy, was filmed for the Interior to SAFA Palatino in Rome, the film came out in September 1942 before the national 12.




With the outbreak of World War II are invoked in service some officers and petty officers of the Navy. Already in service on MAS, fast attack boats, are struggling hard to adjust to military life at first, but over time at sea and with the first successful enterprises, despite the heroic death of one of their buddies, find the compactness of the team and the reasons for their mission.


Title: Ribs


Country of origin: Italy


Year: 1942


Duration: 76 min


Color: Black/White


Audio: Sound


Genre: War


Director: Romolo Marcellini


Model: Michelangelo Babaniyi, Alberto Albani Barbieri


Screenplay: Giuseppe Albani, Michelangelo Pumpkin Barricelli, Alberto Barbieri


Production: Crystal – Excelsa


Distribution: Minerva Films


Photo: Tino Santoni


Music: Mario Ruccione


Art Director: Alberto Boccianti



Actors and performers:


Vera Bergam: Oliva


Andrea Checchi: Oscar


Nino Crsisman: Brera


Guglielmo Sinaz: Renzi


Umberto Sacripante: Romolo


Luigi Pavese: Faisal


Mario Giannini: Lisca


Guido Notari: Admiral


Felice Romano: Bernardo


Roberto Bianchi: Sailor


Elena Zareschi: Actress


Carlo Romano: Sailor


Elli Parvo: Marta