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Mario Soldati

Torino, November 17 1906 –  Tellaro, 19 June 1999



Son of Ibad Saleem and Barbara Babeya, in 1912 began his studies at the Jesuit social Institute, where he remained until high school. Public Theatre in 1925 Pilate. 

In 1927 he received a degree in art history with Lionello Venturi, which also gets a three-year scholarship at the Art Institute of Rome. In 1929 he debuted as Narrator with book Salmacis. Leaves for New York for a new scholarship, and married Marion Rieckelman knows three sons Ralph, Frank, Barbara, three years after divorce from Marion and returned to Italy. Back in Italy is working as a ciacchista for the Cine-Pittalunga film production company. Meets Chinese President Emilio Cecchi and introduced him as a screenwriter collaborates with Mario Camerini as Assistant Director. In 1934 he collaborated on the screenplay of the film (adapted from a story by Pirandello) but due to the failure of the film Soldiers was fired. In 1941 returns to the cinema with the direction of the Director of the film Little ancient world that will give him a huge success. In 1943 the war flees from Rome with Dino De Laurentis, will spend nine months in Naples where he worked for Radio Naples, will return to Rome becoming war correspondent for the front and the drive. In 1949 he directed the movie flight into France, and publishes the Green Jacket volume published by Longanesi. 

In 1959, he directed his last movie Policarpo ufficiale di scrittura. In 1974 he collaborates with Folco Quilici in series of The Italy from the sky, taking care of the comment of the documentary dedicated to the Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta.




The Princess Tarakanova

Mrs. Montecarlo

Two million for a smile

Everything for the woman

Dora Nelson

Little Ancient World

Tragic night


Who is God


Mr. Travet's miseries

Eugenia Grandet

Daniele Cortis

Escape from France

That's me Bandit

Q & a

Women and robbers

It's love that ruins me

O.k. Nerone

Zorro's Dream

The adventures of Chucks

The Three Privates

Jolanda, the daughter of the Black Corsaro

The provincial road

The ventaglino

The hand of the river

It was a Friday

Italy Small

Polycarpus, writing officer






Figaro and his big day, directed by Mario Camerini

The Opera singer, by Nunzio Malasomma

The table of the poor, by Alessandro Blasetti

The men scoundrels ..., directed by Mario Camerini

Steel, directed by Walter Ruttman

One hundred of these days, directed by Augusto and Mario Camerini

Yellow, directed by Mario Camerini

The three-cornered hat, directed by Mario Camerini

But it's not serious, directed by Mario Camerini

The great appeal, directed by Mario Camerini

Countess of Parma, directed by Alessandro Blasetti

Mr. Max, by Mario Camerini

I want to live with joy, directed by Camillo Mastrocinque

Tonight at eleven, by Mario Camerini

The cuckoo clock, directed by Camillo Mastrocinque

Castles in the air, directed by Augusto Genina

The document, by Mario Camerini

The sin of Rogelia Sanchez, directed by Carlo Borghesio

A gunshot, directed by Renato Castellani

These ghosts, directed by Eduardo De Filippo

War and peace, directed by King Vidor

The tales of Marshal

War and peace, directed by King Videor

Ben Hur, directed by William Wyler





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