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Mario Mattoli

Toledo, 30 November, 26-Rome February 1980



Mario Mattòli, direct descendant of Augustine Mattoli, MD homeopath and 19th century Italian patriot, adhering to the Roman Republic. The family was originally from Bevagna, but Mario was born in Tolentino because her father Aristide Mattòli, surgeon, had been transferred to the local hospital. After graduating in law in 1924 began working for the shoddy Suvini Zerboni, and after three years and together with Luciano branch Shows Za-bum, based on intuition to open the shows of prose, are actors magazine launched Vittorio de Sica, Alberto Sordi, Erminio Macario, Aldo Fabrizi, Enrico Viarisio. 

In 1928 he married Mity Mignone, actress of prose famous at the time that along with the two brothers Toto and Carla, aka Milly, participated to the best variety shows of the time.


The Za-bum also produced the film, thanks to an indisposition of Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia, Mattoli directed maximum time in 1934. From this first film, in thirty-two years, he signed 84 feature films, writing sometimes even screenplays, drama, mythology, science fiction. With the comedies called still the best working with Erminio Macario and toto. On television between the ' 64 and ' 64, works with Za-bum and Za-bum # 2, not getting, though, major awards. Films with Toto Miseria and nobility, A Neapolitan Turk, Gentlemen you are born, are considered classics of Italian cinema. His daughter Marina Mattoli, following in his footsteps, playing the role of Assistant Director in various Italian films of the 1970s and 1980s, died in 2010. Each year from 2008 to Bevagna is organized the cultural event "Mattòli si nasce" during which he is remembered the Director with conferences and screenings of her most famous movies. Since 2009 was simultaneously launched the"Mattoli Award for Italian comedy"

In 2010 in Tolentino, the Director's hometown, the Association was born "Officine Mattòli"To it is attached the eponymous film Training Institute.





1934/ Maximum time 

1935/ I love you only

1936The man who smiles 

1936Seven Days to the Other World 

1936/ Bard's bridesmaid 

1936/ Music in the square 

1937The Last Days of Pompey 

1937These guys 

1937/ Columbus Happiness 

1938/ Grandma Happiness 

1938A lady did it

1938/ Destiny 

1938/ The White Lady

1939At your orders, Madame

1939/ We were 7 widows 

1939Defendant, stand up!

1939A thousand kilometers per minute!

1939You see it as you are ... Do you see how you are? 

1940/ Abandonment 

1940/ I'm the pirate! 

1940Don't tell me! 

1941Light in the darkness 

1941Hours 9: chemistry class 

1942/ I want to live like this 

1942Invisible Chains 

1942The three pilots 

1942The woman is mobile 

1942Tight lips 

1942Tonight nothing new 

1943The Devil's Valley 

1943/ The Vispa Teresa 

1943I really want to sing 

1943The last wagon 

1944/ Circo equestre Za-bum 

1945/ Life begins anew 

1946/ Departure 7 a.m. 

1947/ The two orphans 

1948Totò al giro d ' Italy 

1948Fifa and arena  

1948/ l fiacre n. 13 

1948/ Assunta Spina 


1949The firemen of Viggiù 

1949/ Adam and Eve 

1950/ Totò Tarzan 

1950The Elusive 12 

1950/ The Cheerful Widower

1950/ The cadets of Gascony

1950/ Toto Sheikh 

1950/ Revenge... Sardinian

1951Toto the third man 

1951/ The padrone del vapore 

1951/ Our 

1951My heart sings 

1951/ Damn taxes!!!  

1951/ 5 paupers in an automobile 

1952/ Neapolitan Turk 

1953/ We're all tenants

1953/ The funniest show on Earth 

1953/ Two nights with Cleopatra  

1953Toto seeks peace 

1954/ The Doctor of the Mad  

1954/ Poverty and nobility  

1954/ The last mistress 

1955/ The teens 

1955The  best days 

1956 Peppino, the models and chella there  

1957/ Toto, Peppino and the fanatics

1958/ As te movi, te electrocute!  

1958/ Bums 

1959Overbearing more than before 

1959/ Let's not lose our heads 

1959Look at them but don't touch them 

1959/ Gentlemen you are born 

1960/ A Mandarin for Theo

1960Appointment in Ischia 

1960/ Toto, Fabrizi and today's youth

1960/ His Excellency stopped to eat 

1961/ Maciste vs. Hercules in the Valley of the Guathes  

1961/ Appointment on the Riviera 

19625 marines per 100 girls 

1962/ Goal girls 

1963Corpse for the Lady

1963For a few dollars less 




1967The Boys of Yellow Flag