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Sailors without stars




Some guys they embark on a cruise instructive on two brigs as "sailors-boys", so no stars or no stars as the title). But given the order to return, in the imminence of war. The boats then Moor in a harbor at Trieste and travelers descend and are housed in a castle. The brigantines are towed, but two boys boarded clandestinely infiltrated on warships and arrive in Trieste, after suffering an air strike. The story of the two boys are a pretext for an ensemble film.


Film notes


Original title: Sailors without stars

Country of production: Italy

 Year: 1943

Duration: 90 minutes

Color: Black/White

Audio: Sonor

Kind: Adventure

Director: Francesco De Robertis

Screenplay: Francesco De Robertis

Production company: Scalera film

Distribution: Ici

Photography: Romolo Garroni, Carlo Badra

Editing: Francesco De Robertis

Music: Hannibal Bizzelli




Antonio Gandusio

Cesarina Galsan

Titus Pond

Anselmo Anselmi