Luigi Mezzanotte

(Palermo, 8 March 1940)


In the early 1960s by company Of Origlia-Palmi passes to join, together with Manlio Nevastri and winning the play by Carmelo Bene Alfiero, where he played Laertes in various editions of Hamlet and participates in various theatrical performances the artist, like Goodbye pig (1963), Edward II (1963), the Poles (Ubu Roi)(1963), the story of Sawney Bean (1964), Pinocchio 1966), Romeo and Juliet (1976). After this experience with Carmelo Bene, Luigi Mezzanotte will play other characters in several films: the second night (1986) by Nino Bizzarri, Bi and Ba (1986) by Maurizio Nichetti, next year I go to bed at ten (1995) by Angelo Orlando. With regard to television, always after the experience with Carmelo Bene, Midnight participates in various movies and drama series, including La neve nel bicchiere (1986) by Florestano Vancini and La piovra 4 (1989).




Tells Carmelo Bene, in his autobiography, that Louis-hours, then very young actor in the company Of Eavesdropping-Palmi, in the role of a convict in a do not know which representation of Catherine of Siena, he was actually at the scene in chains, with much of triple lock, hopeful, however, that with the end of the show would end its pillory. The fact is that the key thrown away somewhere with no chance of being recovered, forced the poor Louis, to stay throughout the night and the following morning on stage "sanguinary" until it was a blacksmith in the neighborhood who managed with Farouk of the trade in "ridestarlo from his nightmare".




With Carmelo Bene


1961Hamlet, by William Shakespeare. Rome, Theater Lab


1963. Goodbye pork (2nd Edition of Gregorio: nineteenth-century cabaret). Rome, Theater Lab.


1963. Edward IIby Christopher Marlowe. Rome, Teatro Arlequin 1963. The Poles (Ubu Roi), by Alfred Jarry.Rome, Teatro dei Satiri


1964. the story of Sawney Bean, by Roberto Lerici. Rome, Teatro delle Arti. 1966. Pinocchio, by Carlo Collodi (2nd Edition). Rome, Teatro Central


1967. Hamlet or the consequences of filial pietyand, from Shakespeare to Laforgue (2nd Edition). Rome, Teatro


Beat 72


1967. Salvatore Giuliano, life of a red rose of Anthony Massari. Rome, Teatro Beat 72.


1968. Orgia directed by Pier Paolo Pasolini, interpreters, Luigi Mezzanotte and Laura Betti


1974. Hamlet, by William Shakespeare and Jules Laforgue (3rd Edition). Prato, Teatro Metastasio


1976. Romeo and Juliet, story by William Shakespeare. Prato, Teatro Metastasio


2004. army of trembling leaves (from f. Pandi), directed by Jordan Abdullah. Rome, Teatro dei Contrari




1973. A hamlet less by Carmelo Bene (role: Laertes) 1979. The lawn by Paolo and Vittorio Taviani


1983. The Black Stallion Returns (Scarface)


1983. Thor the Conqueror of Tonino Ricci (role: Etna) (as Christopher Holm)


1986. on the second night of Nino Bizzarri (role: Client of the hotel)


1986. Bi and Ba by Maurizio Nichetti (role: The gangster)


1986. the killer is still among us by Camillo Teti


1987. Kidnapping-lurking danger of Elie Chouraqui (role: Kidnapper)


1989. Nostos-the return of Franco Piavoli (role: Nostos)


1995. next year I go to bed at ten Angelo Orlando (role: Male at home)


Television shows


1974. Hamlet (from Shakespeare to Laforgue) by Carmelo Bene (role: Laertes)


1980. the last show of Nora Helmer of Carlo Quartucci


1986. La neve nel bicchiere Florestano Vancini (role: Ligio)


1986. Makhlouf to Gianfranco Albano (role: Bastian)


1989. La piovra 4 (role: Francis ' snail ' De Rita)


1991. Il commissario Corso, episode: without evidence. -TV series


1997. Ready (role: man in the car)




1974. Pinocchio by Carmelo Bene