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Luciano Salce

Rome, 19 September 1992 – 17 November 1989



Born in Rome to a middle class family, remains orphaned newborn mother, suffering from puerperal fever; the woman's name was Clara Salinas. Luciano Salce's childhood is not the best, because in caring for him were his father and paternal grandmother who, after the death of his mother he moved to Turin in the capital.

At the age of ten his father enrolled at College of Mondragone (run by the Jesuits), where he remained until the end of his studies in high school. While staying in College Salce began to cultivate the passion for theatre and at the age of thirteen she performs in a couple of shows, in the first as one of many participants in the second as the protagonist. Meanwhile his father Mario rests and in 1936 was born Guido. In 1940 he enrolled at the University at the behest of parent and faculty recommended is to jurisprudence; refractory to this education, abandoned his studies. Two years later, in 1942, he enrolled at the National Academy of dramatic art, and he was able to make the acquaintance of some of his future colleagues, including Vittorio Gassman, Luciano Lucigniani, Luigi Squarzina, Carlo Mazzarella, Tino Buazzelli, Nino Manfredi, Vittorio Deer, Mario Landi, Nino Dal Fabbro, Emilio Serrao. During his studies he writes a play in one Act, "tale for a funeral", which is then represented in Messina. On 17 February 1943 Salce is drafted for military service and he's also Vittorio Gassman who was then a student at the official school of Forlì, 8 September of the same year on Armistice Day is taken prisoner by the Germans and is deported to a labor camp for prisoners of war where he remained for two years until the end of the war.

In 1945 he started his collaboration with the Rai headquarters in Rome where he began to write scripts for programmes of variety participates as an actor. In 1946 he made his debut at the cinema, playing the role of American officer in A yank in Rome directed by Luigi Zampa.

In 1947 the Academy obtaining the diploma of studies concludes Director and simultaneously serves the show dance of ThievesAfter completing his studies, joins the troupe of Evi Maltagliati and Vittorio Gassman; among his colleagues there are Luigi Squarzina and Guido Salvini. In 1950 he moved to São Paulo in Brazil together with Vittorio Caprioli and Alberto Bonucci during this period knows Jole Bertolazzi, which gets engaged, in Brazil directed two films Uma Pulga na balança and Floradas na serraIn 1955 he married Jole Bahr in Venice, and in the same year he began acting for film in a small role in the movie Small mail.

In 1958 writes the subject and the script of a play, Don Jack, starring Vittorio Gassman. 

In 1960 is his debut as a Director with the film Hercules' pills.

Taken from busy schedules on marriage sets with Jole is in crisis; at the same time cononsce on the set of the craving, the actress Bonnie Andrew, who will become his second wife.

In 1966 while in londrda was born the son Emanuele Timothy, but in 1969 at a time of personal crisis disrupts the relationship Diletta D'Andrea.

In 1970 his father died, in 1975 he began directing the film Fantozzi and The second tragic Fantozzi based on the adventures of fantozzi posted by Paolo Villaggio, in the same year, plays the character ofBaron in the movie Desperately yours... I sign Macaluso Carmel was Joseph, directed by Vittorio Sindoni. In 1981 published a collection entitled "bad thoughts", in 1982 back to cinema with the film Come on jerk, in 1983 boss on Net 4 the program Variety. On 27 August 1983 while presiding over the Miss Italy is suffering from cerebral strokes and is rushed to the civil hospital of Fidenza. In 1984 after a period of rehabilitation back to film directing with the film Let's meet ClearIn 1987 even though physically debilitated because of illness, it turns the movie Those of the helmet, on 17 December 1989 died in Rome due to cardiac arrest.






1946/ A yank in Rome directed by Luigi Zampa

1950/ Caiçara, voice only, directed by Adolfo Celi

1951/ Angela, directed by Tom Payne

1952/ Earth is Getting Land, directed by Tom Payne

1954/ Floradas na Serra

1955/ Small Stakes, directed by Steno

1955/ Angela, directed by Edoardo Anton

1956/ Guard, thief and waitress, directed by Steno

1958/ Toto in the moon, directed by Steno

1959/ Bums, directed by Mario Mattoli

1960/ The bacchanals of Tiberius, directed by Giorgio Simonelli

1961/ The girl of a thousand months, directed by Steno

1961/ The Federal

1961/ The carabiniere a cavallo, directed by Carlo Lizzani

1962/  The craving

1962/  The shortest day

1962/ Cockaigne

1963/ The honourable Members, directed by Sergio Corbucci

1963/ The hours of love

1965/ Today, tomorrow, day after tomorrow, episode rush hour, directed by Eduardo De Filippo

1967/ Sweet ladies, directed by Luigi Zampa

1969/ Oh sweet kisses and languides carazze, directed by Mino Guerrini

1969/ Coup d'etat

1970/ Just look at her

1971/ Do not commit adultery, directed by Giulio Petroni

1971/ Mazzabubù ... How many horns are down here?, directed by Mariano Laurenti

1971/ Homo Eroticus, by Marco Vicario

1971/ The Married Priest, by Marco Vicario

1972/ Even if I wanted to work, what do I do?, directed by Flavio Mogherini

1972/ Hector the keg, by Enzo g. Castellari

1973/ The Madam was raped!, directed by Vittorio Sindoni

1973/ Bisturi the white mafia, directed by Luigi Zampa

1974/ A man, a city, directed by Romolo Guerrieri

1974/ Grandchildren my beloved, directed by Franco Rossetti

1974/  Tough guys, directed by Duccio Tessari 

1974/ Night Commissioner, directed by Guido Leoni

1974/ Servant, directed by Luigi Filippo D'Amico

1974/ My love don't hurt me, directed by Vittorio Sindoni

1975/ Are back to bloom roses, directed by Vittorio Sindoni

1975/ What's your sign? ", directed by Sergio Corbucci

 1976/ Desperately yours ... I sign Macaluso Carmel was Joseph, directed by Vittorio Sindoni

1976/ The renter, directed by Mariano Lahori

1976/ The procurers, directed by Brunello Rondi

1977/ Laughs well ... who laughs the last, episodes The Checkup by Marco Aleandri and scededu and abandoned by Pino Caruso

1977/ President

1977/ Latin male .... wanted, directed by Giovanni Job

1978/ So much goes the cat to the lard ..., directed by Marco Aleandri

1978/ laughing and joking, directed by Marco Aleandri

1978/ Fancy woman, directed by Franco Bottari

1979/ Beautiful and ugly all laugh, directed by Domenico Paolella

1980/ A wife, two friends, the four lovers, directed by Michele Massimo Tarantini





UMA Pulga na Balança

Floradas na Serra

 The Federal

The craving

The Cuckoo

Hercules' pills

The Monachines

The hours of love

High infidelity, episode sighing


Today, tomorrow, day after tomorrow, episode the wife bianda

Fairies, Fairy episode Sabina

El Greco

How I learned to love the women

I married for joy

The black sheep

Coup d'etat

Prof. Dr. Guido Tersilli head of the Villa Celeste clinic contracted with mutual

Just look at her

The provincial

The Union leader

He and I

To my dear mother on his birthday

The duck with orange


The second tragic Fantozzi


The ... Beautiful country

Professor Kranz German of Germany

Where do you go on holiday?, episode buana

Riavanti ... Marsch

Rag. Arturo De Fanti, precarious banker

Come on jerk

Let's meet Clear

Those of the helmet





1956/ The Arcisopolo, three acts by Franca Valeri, Luciano Salce, Vittorio Caprioli

1956/ Your Prince blueor, by Luciano Salce

1958/ Songs for all, directed by Mario Landi

1958/ Bear and the Pasha by Eugène Scribe

1959/ Disappointed plots, opera in three acts by Domenico Cimarosa

1960/ Life with father and mother

1961/ And music time by Ercole Patti, Luciano Salce, Belisario Randone, Guido Rocca, Daniele D'anza

1964/ 10 Theatre

1966/ Studio One

1964 – 1966/ Tonight Rita

1967/ Saturday night

1967/ See you at home by Ugo Tognazzi

1969/ Special for you

1969/ Pratty Pravo Tonight

1970/ Without net

1978/ The conversation continually interrupted

1979/ That combination

1979/ Good evening with..Luciano Salce

1979 – 1980/ Then and now

1982/ Trip to Goldonia

1982/ Les joies de la famille Pinelli

1983/ Variety

1983/ Casa Cecilia a year later

1984/ La Belle Otero


Past Productions/Author



Tale for a funeral, directed by Saverio Tontodonato

The exhibitions of masks, comedy of art elaborated on reasons comedians of the seventeenth century

The arcisopolo, comedy in three paintings, in collaboration with Vittorio Caprioli and Franca Valeri

Don Jack one-act play, directed by Vittorio Gassman

The happy ending comedy in two acts, by Alberto Bonucci



 Stage Productions – Director



The miracle of St. Anthony  directed by Maurice Maeterlinck

The l dance of thieves

Anthony directed by Alexandre Dumans

A young man Rushed,  directed by Eugène Labiche

George Dandin  directed by Molière

Camilla's innocence  directed by Massimo Bontempelli

His sons Edward  directed byFrederick Jackson

The miser  directed by Moliere

In impantacia de ser prudente

O anjo de prey  directed by Tennessee Williams

Do mundo nada se lever  directed by  George s. Kufma and Moss Hart

Or inventor de cavalo directed by Achille Campanile

Covo aoo baile,  directed by Jean Anouilh

To dam das camelias  directed by Alexander Dumas

Na terra como no ceu  directed by Fritz Hochwalder

Or leito nupcial  directed by Jan de Hartog

The Queen and the rebels  directed by Ugo Betti

Saxophone  directed by Curzio Malaparte

Trombones  directed by  Federico Zardi

A scandal for Lady  directed by Julius Scarnicci and Renzo Tarabusi

Colombe  directed by Jean Anouilh

The egg  directed by Felicien Marceau

A wife of Vitaliano Brancati

Royal Jellydirected by Felicien Marceau

Le trame deluse directed by Darcy Cimarasa

Veronica and guests of Joseph Marotta and Belisario Randone

I married you out of joy by Natalia Ginzburg

The egg by Felicien Marceau

The Secretary of Natalia Ginzburg

The conversation continually interrupted

The woman in the closet by Arnold Lobel

Il vizietto directed by  Jean Poiret

Politicanza by Italo Moscati

The incident of Louis Moon


Past productions actor



The cocked hat of Pedro de Alarcon, directed by Mario Landi

The work of the jerk by John Gay, directed by Vito Pandolfi

Za-Bum returns Mario Mattoli and Marcello Mastroianni directed by Mario Mattoli

The days of the life of Willian Saroyan, directed by Adolfo Celi

Musse, Jules Romains, directed diLuigi Squarzina

A Midsummer night's dream by William Shakespeare

Petty bourgeois of Maxim Gorky, directed by Alberto D'aversa

The family of the antique dealer by Carlo Goldini, directed by Orazio Costa

Bury the dead by Irvin Shaw, Director Luciano Lucigniani

The vagaries of Marianna by Alfred de Musset Director Alfredo Zaidi

The range by Carlo Goldoni, directed by Alfredo Zaidi

And he says the magazine in two stages of Benecoste, in collaboration with Steno, Vittorio Caprioli, Aldo Celi,

The man and the gun by Sergio Sollima, directed by Luigi Squarzina

Three odd red by Deny Amiel

Les mariès de la Tour Eiffel by Jean Cocteau, directed by Vito Pandolfi

On the night of January 16 of Aym Rand, directed by Luigi Almirane

On a Sunday in September by Ugo Betti, directed by Turi Vasile

The dog of the greengrocer, of Lope de Vega, directed by Ottavio Spadaro

Midsummer dream by William Shakespeare, directed by Alessandro Bansal

Oedipus King of Eschillo, directed by Guido Salvini

The Raven by Carlo Gozzi, Director Giorgio Strehler

Christ killed by Gian Paolo Callegari, directed by Guido Salvini

Rosalina or as you like it, directed by Luchino Visconti

Pity it was a tramp John Ford, directed by Luciano Lucigniani

The family of the antique dealer by Carlo Goldoni, directed by Horace Thing

Medea by Euripides, directed by Guido Salvini

The merry wives of Windsor by William Shakespeare

Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, directed by Guido Salvini

The dawn of the last evening of Riccardo Bacchelli, directed by Alessandro Bansal

The dutiful daughter by Carlo Goldoni, directed by Gerardo Guerrieri

Once upon a time The Itala film by Giancarlo Sepe, directed by Giancarlo Sepe






Diary of a Disappointed Girl, small magazine by Luciano Salce and Vittorio Caprioli, directed by Franco Rossi,

Who saw them

Michele Pezza's Story said Fra Diavolo

On the beaches of the Moon, with Franca Valeri, Luciano Salce, music by Armando Trovajoli

The zucchieriera

 I married for joy

Sorry, she is poor or otherwise?

Formula one

The Evil Tongue with Sergio Corbucci, Bice Valori

Today's Special: Catherine Spaak

Today's Special: Monica Vitti

Kitsch, Rai

Black out, Rai