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Luciano Emmer

Milan, 19 January 1918 – Rome, 16 September 2009




Italian Director and screenwriter, reaches a certain international visibility in the years 40 artistic documentaries made with Enrico Gras. His debut film is the Sunday in August, 1950, movie Neorealist.

Between 1952 and 1960 he led Spanish girls Spain, Third College, the girl in the windowLeaves the cinema for advertising and television, before returning to directing films in 1990, enough! I'm doing a movie a long long night of love, the water ... The fire, and the Tv movie the flames of paradise,red Thistle. He was tutor and lecturer at the Academy ACT Multimedia in Cinecittà. Emmer, unlike Pasolini, who purposed in Mannerism, neo-realist, visionary and brimful of art quotes in the shot of reality degraded, departed from the work of art merely interpret it with shooting. Deals with the initials of the first Carousel, collaborates with Totò me a soup?But have to ask me twice " to Walter Chiari. "My name's Only Yoga », by Mina Italian industry of beer to Carlo Dapporto Durban's, by Paolo Panelli, ' Ebby always standing » Aldo Fabrizi « Next there's place », by Dario Fo,"Supercortemaggiore, the powerful Italian petrol » Sandra Milo « Condifenziale » ", from Alighiero Noschese, « A Ramazzotti is always good ' to Pippo Baudo and Alberto Rabagliati, « the family without trouble », « the Quartetto Cetra, Tricofilina? Yes Yes "» Marisa Del Frate," I want a candy that I like tantor», Edoardo Vianello "Want the WaSP Umberto Bindi «Diet» Salus".





1941/ His land

1941/ Tale from a fresco

1942/ Destiny of love

1942/ Warriors

1942/ The Canticle of the creatures

1942/ Novel of an era

1942/ The garden of paradise

1943/ Thirsty cities

1947/ The land of Opera

1947/ Spring short film 

1947/ Verdi's footsteps

1947/ The legend of Saint Ursula

1948/ The drama of Christ

1948/ Bosch

1948/ Islands in the lagoon

1948/ White pastures

1948/ On Rome by Verdi

1948 / Romantic

1948/ On the road to Damascus

1948/ The miracle of San Gennaro

1949/ The invention of the cross

1949/ Trolling Column

1949/ Miraculous brothers

1949/ Piero della Francesca

1950/ Sunday in August

1951/ Goya

1951/ Fashionable wedding

1951/ Paris is always Paris

1951/ Pictura

1952/ Cavalcade of half a century

1952/ The girl from Spain square

1952/ Leonardo da Vinci

1953/ Arctic heroes

1954/ Camilla

1954/ Meet Picasso

1954/ War and peace

1954/ Third high school

1956/ Paradise

1956/ The Bigamo

1957/ Seven painters

1957/ The highlight

1961/ The girl in the window

1962/ Us and the car

1963/ Bianco Rosso celeste, Chronicle of the days of the Palio di Siena

1965/ Distraction

1966/ The sublime effort

1969/ Giotto

1969/ Geminus

1971/ The mysterious gardenia

1971/ Little Lord Fauntleroy

1971/ Theft of Raphael

1971/ The junction

1971/ Die Diebische Zwillinge

1972/ Fellini and Eur

1972/ Guttuso and "Marat died of David"

1972/ Bianchi Bandinelli and Trajan's column

1975/ Land of naifs Yugoslavs

1987/ Spouses

1988/ The beauty of the devil – journey in the castles of Trentino

1990/ Basta! Now it's our turn

1996/ Foggia don't ever tell her goodbye

1997/ Beautiful at night

2001/ A long long night of love

2003/ Water ... on fire

2005/ The Red Thistle

2006/ The flame of heaven

2007/ Pensive Muse

2008/ Trilogy – the thought, the look, the word