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Louis De Funès, born Louis Germain De Funès De Galarza

(Courbevoie, 31 July 1914 – 27 January 1983 in Nantes)



His family belonged to the nobility of Seville (with descent from the Marquis of G): the father, Carlos Luis De Funès De Galarza (1871-1934) was a lawyer, became diamantaio, and his mother Leonor Soto Reguera ( 1878-1957) took care of the family. On 27 April 1936 Louis married first Germaine Louise Elodie Carroyer (born 7 March 1915 and died on 28 September 2011) with whom he had a son, Daniel Charles Louis (born 12 July 1937). After the divorce, which occurred on 13 November 1942, on 20 April 1943 she married Jeanne Augustine Barthélèmy (born on February 1, 1914 and died on 7 March 2015 was a great-grandson of Guy de Maupassant) in the 9th arrondissement of Paris. They had two sons: Patrick (born on 27 January 1944), radiologist and Olivier De Funès (born 11 August 1949), chief pilot of Air France. He became a pianist, he made good use of this ability in some of his films such as Big shot but not too much ( The Nitwit )who stole the President? Le Grand Restaurant ), and Blessed among women ( L'homme Orchestre, and had a good knowledge of the movies of his day. He began to get back into work sneaking into the theater and, despite his brief appearances, was spotted early for his comic vein, especially by Sacha Guitry who hired him several times. The main aspects of your humour are his ability to mimic and make faces, character, irrepressible and persistent in the expression of the emotions or opinions, expressing anger, emit grunts and noises, the gesticulating in a rapid pace. In the 1950s he began to become known thanks to films like Ah! Les Belles Bacchantes and the sheep to five Feet, where alongside the greatest actors of the era, but also the law of smarter, of 1957, where she plays the role of a poacher who evades the watchful eye of a forester, which earned him the title of best Current Comic. However he had to wait for the 1964 to become really famous with the first part of the series of GendarmesA girl in Saint-TropezJust two months later, triumphed again in the role of a representative of law enforcement, Inspector Juve, Fantomas 70 ( Fantômas ), alongside Jean Marais and Mylène Demongeot. While the success among the general public grew more and more, at the end of 1964 turned Big shot but not too much, by Gérard Oury, where he appeared alongside Bourvil. 

In 1966, it was the turn of three men on the run La Grande vadrouille ), always with Bourvil, French movie that held the record for the largest number of tickets sold at the box office in France (17 million) until the arrival of the film Titanic James Cameron's 1998. During the same period, De Funès, returned to the theatre. In late November of 1971, began performances of Oscar at the theatre of the Palais Royal, where De Funès played most nights until September 1972, except for a summer break. In March 1973, appeared in the mad adventures of Rabbi Jacob Les Aventures de Rabbi Jacob ) which was released on 18 October of the same year. Soon after, he found himself back on stage at the comedy of the Champs Elysees: this was his final appearance in the theatre. Until 25 April 1974, he played almost 200 times the play by Jean Anouilh, La Valse des Toreadors (The Waltz of the toreador)Since that time, permitted himself a rest in the castle of his wife's family, located at Le Cellier, in the Loire-Atlantique department, oversaw much of gardening, refusing to take any other commitment in anticipation of shooting Next, the film undoubtedly strenuous Gerard Oury, Le Crocodile, scheduled for may of 1975 and in which was supposed to play the part of a South American dictator. But in March of 1975, while pre-production de Le Crocodile was already well under way, was the victim of a heart attack which caused him to finally give up his stage career. His film career was compromised, because insurers didn't want to incur the risks of shooting another film until Claude Zidi, the Director of the wing or the thigh? ( L'aile ou la cuisse) ,succeeded in obtaining insurance for two weeks of filming. He continued to shoot other films, like The Discord with Annie Girardot, in 1978, or the gendarme and extraterrestrials, in 1979. In 1980, he produced a film version of a play by Moliere according to his own personal interpretation, thus the miser (l'avare) reached the big screen, though he had little success. In the same year, Jerry Lewis handed him the César for his career.Some time later, he turned a film adaptation of a novel entitled La Soupe aux choux, of René Fallet, along with Jean Carmet and Jacques Villeret. His career came to an end the following year, Le Gendarme et les gendarmettes, when on 27 January 1983 was the victim of a heart attack that proved fatal. He is buried at the cemetery of Le Cellier. He was also dedicated movie Papy fait de la résistance (1983), in which he was to have the role of Grandpa, but after the sudden death was replaced by Michel Galabru. Despite not having the need to use (if not infrequently) in several films in which he took part, Louis De Funès has never given up on "dressing up" from time to time, to accentuate, sometimes to excess, the comic situations in which did evolve his characters. The talented De Funès fit well in the context of the comic duo, fixed or occasional basis, with the most varied kinds of actors:


Claude Gensac, known with the nickname "Ma biche ". Is the female accomplice of the characters in De Funès;

Michel Galabru as superior of De Funès Gendarme series and that the wingman burlesque;

Bourvil as house painter, with whom he escapes from the Germans and helps the three British paratroopers;

Yves Montand in Delusions of grandeur. 

Coluche , who plays the son of De Funès in talking the wing or the thigh?;

Bernard Blier, the Inspector chasing him in Jo and the gazebo

Olivier De Funès, his son, in The great vacations, Beato tra le donne, Fantomas threatens the world, who stole the President?, Louis de Funès and grandfather frozen, Clinging to a tree, poised on a cliff overhanging the seaand Oscar in the stage version;

Jean Gabin, in Enemies ... for skin

Jacques Villeret, in La Soupe au choux

Jean Marais, in Fantomas ' 70, Fantomas threatens the world and Fantomas against Scotland Yard: 

Maurice Risch, above all The major holidays, a few episodes of a girl in Saint Tropez and The Discord;  

Totò in I tartassati and Toto, Eve and the forbidden brush; De Funès and Toto always remained friends, the latter often dubbed in France from the first.


Italian film critic writes Edward Campos: De Funès never wanted to play dramatic roles, staying until the end an incurable clown.

Perfectionism and the fussiness, accompanied by an attitude often anxious, have marked the artistic path. 

At work you will never, like a pro. Has been for two decades (from 1963 to 1983) the undisputed champion of the French box office and one of the world's most famous French actors. He had the ability to adapt over time to the tastes of the most demanding and cultured audiences away. His comedic genius attracted millions of viewers in theaters, knowing that with him they were safe, not risking ever to attend a show scandalous, melancholy or violent. He constantly made movies for the whole family and this is one of the secrets of his success.





1945/ La Tentation de Barbizon, direct by Jean Stelli

1946/ Six heures à perdre, direct by Alex Joffé and Jean Levitte

1946/ Dernier refuge, direct by Marc Maurette

1946/ Le château de la dernière chance, direct by Jean-Paul Paulin

1947/ Love and fortune (Antoine et Antoinette), direct by Jacques Becker

1947/ Croisière pour L'inconnu, direct by Pierre Montazel

1948/ Du Guesclindirect by Bernard de La Tour

1949/ Vient de paraître, direct by Jacques Houssin

1949/ Mon ami Sainfoin, direct by Marc-Gilbert Sauvajon

1949/ Mission à Tanger of André Hunebelle

1949/ Millionnaires d'un jour, direct by André Hunebelle

1949/ Au revoir Monsieur Grockdirect by Pierre Billon

1949/ Rendez-vous avec la chance, direct by Emile-Edwin Reinert

1949/ Pas de week-end pour notre amour, direct by Pierre Montazel

1949/ Un certain monsieur, direct by Yves Ciampi

1949/ Je n'aime que toi, direct by Pierre Montazel

1949/ Le Jugement de Dieudirect by Raymond Bernard

1950/ Vipers, Emile-Edwin Reinert

1950/ La Rue sans loi, direct by Claude Dolbert and Marcel Giraud

1950/ Adémaï au poteau-frontière, direct by Paul Hills

1950/ Knock, or the triumph of medicinea (Knock), direct by Guy Lefranc

1950/ it is easier for a camel..., direct by  Luigi Zampa

1951/ La Rose rouge, direct by Marcello Pagliero

1951/ Les Joueurs, direct by Claude Barma-short film

1951/ Un Amour de parapluie, direct by  Jean Laviron-short film

1951/ Bibi Fricotindirect by Marcel Blistène

1951/ The sleepwalker (Boniface Somnambule), direct by Maurice Labro

1951/ Boîte à vendredirect by Claude-André Lalande-short film

1951/ ... and I left unaddressed (Sans laisser d'adresse), direct by Jean-Paul Le Chanois

1951/ Champions Juniors, of Pierre Blondy-short film

1951/ 90 degrés à L'ombre, direct by Norbert Carbonnaux-short film

1951/ Le Roi du blah blah blah, direct by Maurice Labro

1951La vie est un jeudirect by  Raymond Leboursier

1951/ The passer-by, direct by Henri Calef

1951/ I killed my wife The Poison ), direct by Sacha Guitry

1951/ Pas de vacances pour Monsieur le Maire, direct by Maurice Labro

1951/ Le Dindon, direct by Claude Barma

1951/ L'amant de paille, direct by Gilles Grangier

1951/ Folie doucedirect by Jean-Paul Paulin

1951/ Ma femme est formidable, direct by André Hunebelle

1951/ Les Loups chassent la nuit, direct by Bernard Borderie

1951/ Le voyage en Amérique, direct by Henri Lavorel

1952/ The seven deadly sins Les Sept Péchés capitaux )- episode Laziness, direct by Jean Dréville

1952/ Ils étaient cinq,direct by Jack Pinoteau

1952/ Les Dents longues of Daniel Gélin

1952/ Agence matrimoniale, direct by Jean-Paul Le Chanois

1952/ La Fugue de Monsieur Perle, of Pierre Gaspard-Huit

1952/ Week-end à Paris, direct by Gordon Parry

1952/ Defeat of Bachelor (Elle et moi), direct by Guy Lefranc

1952/ Je l'ai été trois fois, direct by Sacha Guitry

1952/ Monsieur Taxi, direct by André Hunebelle

1952/ Monsieur Leguignon Lampistedirect by Diaurice Labro

1952/ Le Huitième Art et la manière, direct by Maurice Regamey-short film

1952/ The Horseman ghost Moineaux de Paris ), direct by Maurice Cloche

1952/ L'Amour n'est pas un péchédirect by Claude Cariven

1952/ The fashionable respectful ( La Putain external ), direct by  Charles Brabant and Marcello Pagliero

1952/ La tournée des grands ducs, direct by André Pellenc, terminated by Norbert Carbonnaux

1952/ Le sorcier blanc, direct by Claude Lalande

1953/ Tambour battant, direct by Georges Combret

1953/ Companions of the night (Les Compagnes de la nuit), direct by Ralph Habib

1953/ The life of a man (La Vie d'un honnête homme)direct by Sacha Guitry

1953/ Le Rire, direct by Maurice Regamey-short film

1953/ Teenage girls dormitory ( Dortoir des grandes, direct by Henri Decoin

1953/ Au diable la vertu, direct by Jean Laviron

1953Légère et court vêtue, direct by Jean Laviron

1953/ Capitaine Pantoufle, of Guy Lefranc

1953/ Elena's secret  Le Secret d ' Hélène Marimon ), direct by Henri Calef

1953/ Faites-moi confiance, direct by Gilles Grangier

1953/ Sun brother du Sénégal, direct by Guy Lacourt

1953/ The strange desire of Mr. Bard The Étrange Désir de Monsieur Bard ), Géza Von Radványi

1954/ Poisson d'avril, direct by Gilles Grangier

1954/ Ah! Les belles bacchantes, direct by Jean Loubignac

1954/ Grain in the grass, direct by  Claude Autant-Lara

1954/ Le Chevalier de la nuit, direct by Robert Darène

1954/ Les Corsaires du Bois de Boulogne, direct by Norbert Carbonnaux

1954/ Escalier de service - episode "Les Grimaldi", direct by Carlo Rim

1954/ Men don't think that (Les hommes ne pensent qu ' à ça), direct by Yves Robert

1954/ Huis clos, direct by Jacqueline Audry

1954/ Les Intrigantes, direct by Henri Decoin

1954/ Goody-goody (Mam'zelle Nitouche)direct by Yves Allégret

1954/ Mutton five paws Le Mouton à cinq pattes ), direct by Henri Verneuil

1954/ Dad, mom, the waitress and I ( Papa, maman, la bonne et moi direct by  Jean-Paul Le Chanois

1954/ Criminal Appeal ( Les pépées font la loi ),direct by Raoul André

1954/ Queen Margot ( La Reine Margot,direct by Jean Dréville

1954/ Scènes de ménage, directed by André Berthomieu

1955/ Torments, direct by Jacques Daniel-Norman

1955/ Napoléon (Napoléon)direct by Sacha Guitry

1955/ Thengrid-Die Geschichte eines Fotomodells, Géza Von Radvanyi

1955/ Les Impuresdirect by Pierre Chevalier

1955/ L'impossible Monsieur 1951, direct by André Hunebelle

1955/ The little war (Les Hussards), direct by Alex Joffé

1955/ La Bande à papa, of Guy Lefranc

1955/ Bonjour sourire, direct by Claude Sautet

1955/ Si Paris nous était conté, direct by Sacha Guitry

1955/ Frou-frou, direct by Augusto Genina

1955/ Mädchen ohne Grenzen, Géza Von Radványi

1955/ The crossing of Paris ( La Traversée de Paris ), direct by Claude Autant-Lara

1956/ Dad, mom, my wife and I ( Papa, maman, ma femme et moi ), direct by  Jean-Paul Le Chanois

1956/ Bébés à gogo, direct by Paul Mesnier

1956/ La Loi des rues ( Street law ), direct by Ralph Habib

1956/ Courte tête, of Norbert Carbonnaux

1957/ Murder charges ( Comme un cheveu sur la soupe ), direct by Maurice Regamey

1958/ Holiday in Malaga (Taxi, Roulotte et Corrida), direct by André Hunebelle

1958/ The law of smarter (Ni vu, ni connu), direct by Yves Robert

1958/ La Vie à deux, direct by Clément Duhour

1959/ I Tartassati direct by Steno,

1959/ Toto, Eve and the forbidden brush, direct by Steno

1959/ The billion inherited ( Certains the aiment froide, direct by  Jean Bastia

1959/ Dr. Gypsy Committee ( Mon pote le gitan ), direct by François Gir

1960/ I ... my son and girlfriend ( Les Tortillards ), direct by Jean Bastia

1961/ A runaway corpse ( Dans l'eau qui fait des bulles, direct by Maurice Delbez

1961/ Capitan Fracassa ( Le Capitaine Fracasse ), direct by Pierre Gaspard-Huit

1961/ The crime doesn't pay  ( Le crime ne paie pas  -episode l'homme de l'avenue, direct by Gérard Oury

1961/ American beauty ( La Belle Américaine, direct by Robert Dhéry

1961/ Candide, or optimism in the 20th century ( Candide ou in a dystopia du XXe you cle ), direct by Norbert Carbonnaux

1962/ Bandit Yes ... but of honor! ( The revenge ), direct by Jean Chérasse

1962/ Un clair de lune à Maubeuge direct by Jean Chérasse

1962/ The King of racing ( The Gentleman of Epsom, direct by Gilles Grangier

1962/ The lucky ones ( Les Veinards ) -episode The bulk loot ( Le Gros Lot ), of Jean Girault

1962/ I-two villas and four pesky ( Nous irons à Deaville ),direct by Francis Rigaud

1962/ Daily temptations ( Le Diable et les Dix Commandements ), direct by Julien Duvivier

1963/ The three business of Mr. Duval ( Pouic-Pouic ) , of Jean Girault

1963/ Three deaths for Julius ( Carambolages ), direct by Marcel Bluwal

1963/ Blow the Bank ( Faites sauter la banque!, direct by Jean Giraul

1964/ 7-9-18 from Paris a corpse for Rocky ( Des pissenlits par la racine ), direct by Georges Lautner

1964/ 70 Fantomas ( Fantômas ), direct by André Hunebelle

1964/ Two men on the run ... for a shot ( Une souris chez les hommes ) , direct by  Jacques Poitrenaud

1964/ A girl in Saint-Tropez ( Le Gendarme de Saint-Tropez ), of Jean Girault

1965/ Colpo grosso ma non troppo ( The Nitwit ), direct by Gérard Oury

1965/ Fantomas threatens the world ( Fantômas if breaks out ), direct by André Hunebelle

1965/ Gendarme in New York Le Gendarme à New York ), of Jean Girault

1966/ Three men fleeing ( La Grande Vadrouille ), direct by Gérard Oury

1966/ Who stole the President? ( Le Grand Restaurant ), direct by Jacques Besnard

1967/ Please close the shutters Les Bons vivants ), direct by Gilles Grangier

1967/ Fantomas against Scotland Yard ( Fantômas contre Scotland Yard ), direct by André Hunebelle

1967/ Summer holidays ( Les Grandes Vacances ), of Jean Girault

1967/ I, two daughters, three suitcases ( Oscar ), direct by Édouard Molinaro

1967/ Save those who can ( Le Petit Baigneur )direct by  Robert Dhéry

1968/ Enemies ... for skin ( The Same )direct by Denys De La Patellière

1968/ Quiet girls, today I'm getting married ( Le Gendarme se Marie ), of Jean Girault

1969/ Louis De Funès and grandfather frozen (  Hibernatus ), direct by Édouard Molinaro

1970/ Blessed among women L'homme orchestre ),direct by Serge Korber

1970/ 6 gendarmes fleeing Le Gendarme en balade ), of Jean Girault

1971/ Delusions of grandeur ( La Folie des grandeurs ), direct by Gérard Oury

1971/ Jo and the gazebo (Jo), of Jean Girault

1973/ Clinging to a tree, poised on a precipice overlooking the sea ( Sur un arbre why ), direct by Serge Korber

1973/ The mad adventures of Rabbi Jacob ( Les Aventures de Rabbi Jacob ), by Gérard Oury

1976/ Wing or thigh? ( L'aile ou la cuisse ), of Claude Zidi

1978/ La Zizanie, of Claude Zidi

1979/ The gendarme and extraterrestrials ( Le Gendarme et les Extra-terrestres ), of Jean Girault

1979/ L'avare of Jean Girault and Louis De Funes

1981/ La Soupe aux choux, of Jean Girault

1982/ Le Gendarme et les gendarmettes by Jean Girault and Tony Aboyantz





1926/ Le Royal Dindon of Bodèse


1944/ L'amant de paille, Marc-Gilbert Sauvajon, with Meg Lemonnier, Jean-Pierre Aumont, Bernard Blier, Jean Wall, Théâtre Michel in Paris:


1945/ Image anglaise, Jacques Armand, Pierre Henry, the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées: a client


1945/ La Maison de Bernarda Alba, Federico García Lorca, Maurice Jacquemont, with Germaine Kerjean, Marthe Mellot, Silvia Monfort, Théâtre des Champs-Élysées: appearance (28 December)


1946/ Winterset, Maxwell Anderson, Andre Certes, Renaud Mary, Yves Vincent, Marie Carlot, Jean-Roger Caussimon, Léon Arvel, Daniel Gélin, Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord: the tramp (27 January)


1946/ l'lle grande, Henriette's Valet, setting up Teddy Bilis, with Louis Arbessier, Jacques Sarthou and Jeanne Stora, Théâtre de L'Oeuvre (1 September)


1948/ Thermidor, by Claude Vermorel, directed by the author, with Claire Mafféi, Gisèle Grandpré, Claude Ferna, Gérard Oury, Théâtre Pigalle: Hanriot (24 March)


1949/ Le Journal de Jules Renard, sketch inspired by the work of Jules Renard set up in September 1949 at the cabaret La Tomate, later revived on radio, with Raymond Souplex, Robert Rocca, Pierre Still, FrancineDarbois, Michel Méry, Jean Carmet


1949/ Un tramway nommé Désir, by Tennessee Williams, Raymond Rouleau, with Arletty, Yves Vincent, Héléna Bossis, Daniel Ivernel, Maurice Regamey, Théâtre Édouard VII: Pablo (15 October)


1950/ Le Fils du rémouleur, by Max Révol, directed by the author, with Darry Cowl, Jean-Marc Thibault, Jean Richard, Max Révol, Théâtre du Chapiteau


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1951/ Dominique et Dominique, Jean Davray, preparation of Raymond Rouleau, with Lucien Nat, Jacques François, Théâtre Michel: Mr. Ernest (18 January)


1952/ La Puce à l'Oreille, by Georges Feydeau, Georges Vitaly, with Pierre Mondy, Marthe Mercadier, Jean Le Poulain, Théâtre Montparnasse: Augustin Ferraillon


1952/ La Peur des coups, Georges Courteline, with Colette Brosset


1952/ Bouboute et Sélection or Café liégrois, Rober Dhèry, directed by the author, with Dhéry, Colette Brosset, Roger Saget, Albert Rémy, Mondy, Gerard Calvi, René Dupuy, Théâtre Vernet: the auxiliary fire brigade


1952/ Sans cérémonie, Jacques Vilfrid and Jean Girault, Maigret, Claude Gensac, Maria Mascelli, Jean d'orgeix, Théâtre Daunou: the Butler (23 September-9 November)



1953/ Ah les belles bacchantes, Dhèry, Francis Blanche and Calvi, preparation of Dhéry, with Jacqueline Maillan, Jacques Legras, Théâtre Daunou (16 June)


1953/ Le Journal de Jules Renard, adaptation of Robert Rocca and Simone Rouziéde, with Rocca, Carmet, René Berthier, cabaret La Tomate


1955/ Ornifle ou le Courant d'Air, by Jean Anouilh with Pierre Brasseur & Jacqueline Maillan, staging of Jean Anouilh and Roland Piétri, Théâtre des Champs-Élysées: Machetu (3 November)


1955/ Nekrassov, of Jean-Paul Sartre, Jean Meyer, Michel Vitold, Jean Parédès, Roland Armontel


1955/ Poppi, by Georges Sonnier, setting up Pierre Valde, with Maryse Paillet, Maurice Vallier, Théâtre Verlaine: Poppi (5 March)


1957/ Faisons un rêve, by Sacha Guitry, directed by the author, Théâtre des Variétés (30 March)


1959/ Oscar, by Claude Magnier, staging of Jacques Mauclair, with Herbert's theatre company-Karsenty


1961/ Oscar, Magnier, preparation of Mauclair, Théâtre des Champs-Élysées (21 June-1 July)


1962/ La Grosse Valse, by Robert Dhéry, directed by the author, with Robert Dhéry, Colette Brosset, Liliane Montevecchi, Jacques Legras, Janine De Waleyne, Pierre Tornade, Françoise Moncey, Guy Big, Michel Way, Théâtre des Variétés: Customs official Roussel


1971-1973/ Oscar, of Magnier, with Maria diplomatic Asterix, Olivier De Funès, Mario David, Corinne Le Poulain, preparation of Mondy, Théâtre du Palais-Royal: Bertrand Barnier (30 November-21 November 1972/19 September-7 October 1973)


1973/ La Valse des Toreadors by Jean Anouilh, directed by the author and Roland Piétri, with Sabine Azéma, Théâtre des Champs-Élysées: the General (19 October)





Louis De Funès has performed many songs on stage, on screen or in disc, including:


1962/ Pour toi Dans mes godassesc'est défendu and Comme la douane in La Grosse Valse by Robert Dhéry, music by Gérard Calvi, with Guy Big, Michel Modo, Pierre Tornade and Jacques Legras


1967/ Ferme tes yeux mon bébé, melody and words of ' mémé Fourchaume» in Si salvi chi può


1970/ Les Poupons (or Quand tu fais «La La La – la la "), music by François De Roubaix, words of Jean Halain and Remo Forlani, Blessed among women with his son Olivier De Funès


1981/ Le Divin Enfant, on the set of Grand Anniversaire, variety show by France 3 animated by Guy Béart (24 December)


He also recorded tales, games and stories for children (the Aristocats) on microgroove.


1953/ La Tomate présente le Journal de Jules Renard (33 RPM-Phillips-Ref: N 76007R)


1958/ Le Boeuf et Âne de la crèche with Louis De Funès (Donkey) and Jacques Fabbri (ox) (33 laps Erato-ref: LDEVS 3097)


1958/ Le Bourgeois gentilhomme by Molière, starring among others by Louis De Funès and Bernard Blier (16 laps-Contrepoint-ref: V 16.25005.30) then the 33 RPM-Vogue-N° COF. 11 (1972)


1959/ Les Fourberies de Scapin, by Molière (16 laps-Contrepoint) then in 33 laps – Vogue-N° COF. 12 (1972)


1960/ La Grosse Valse (33 RPM-ref: LD 593 30)


1964/ Louis De Funès joue avec les classiques (4 × 45 laps):


Volume 1 (Vogue, EPL 8259):


Jean De La Fontaine: Le Corbeau et le Renard, Le Loup et l'agneau, Le Coche et la Mouche

Jean De La Bruyère: Des biens de fortune, Giton et Phédon, De l'homme: Gnathon


Volume 2 (Vogue, EPL 8260):


Jean De La Fontaine: La Cigale et La Fourmi, Le Petit Poisson et le Pêcheur, Le Lion et le Moucheron


Jean Racine: Les plaideurs


Volume 3 (Vogue, EPL 8261):


Jean De La Fontaine: La Grenouille qui veut se faire aussi grosse que le bœuf, The Mountains here accouche, chats, belette et le petit Lapin


Nicolas Boileau: Les Embarras de Paris


Volume 4 (Vogue, EPL 8262):


Jean De La Fontaine: Le Savetier et le Financier


Moliere: Monologue de l'avare


Pierre Corneille: Stances à Marquise


Voltaire: The Vanity, Les oui et les non, imité de l'anthologie Epigram


1964/ Louis De Funès plays Moliere (l'avare, Les Fourberies de Scapin, Le Bourgeois gentilhomme), La Fontaine (Fable) (33T – Vogue)


1969/ A client sérieux, a play by Georges Courteline with Fernandel (33T-Ref: DECA FM 133522) - Louis de Funès plays the role of substitute


1979/ Le Double Disque d'Or des enfants (33 RPM-ref: Vg304)


1980/ Louis De Funès raconte les Aristochats (33 laps – Disneyland Records-ref: ST-3890 F)


1981/ Pour le mercredi de vos enfants, with Bernard Blier, Les Charlots, Danièle Gilbert, Louis De Funès, Jean Chevrier, Pierre Tchernia, Pierre Perret. (33 RPM-Vogue Clv-665 lx)


Hommage à Louis De Funès (2 × 33 laps-Vogue-ref: 426010)





1962/ Le Diable et les Dix commandements, with Fernandel (45 revolutions-barclay 70 466)


1962/ The Gentleman of Epson, with Jean Gabin


1963/ Carambolage, (45 revolutions-Vogue-ref: EPL 8098)


1963/ Faites sauter la banque (45 revolutions-BEL AIR 211 151 M)


1963/ Nous irons à Deauville, with Sacha Distel (rca victor 45 rpm-86006)


1963/ La Belle Américaine, (45 revolutions-Vogue-ref: EPL 7887)


1964/ Le Gendarme de St-Tropez, (33 laps – Seven Seas-ref: 1402 HITS)


1965/ Le Gendarme à New York (45 rpm)


1965/ The Nitwit, with Bourvil (45 rpm – Barclay 70773)


1966/ La Grande Vadrouille, (45 rpm)


1966/ Le Grand Restaurant, (45 rpm – Barclay 70916)


1968/ Le Petit Baigneur, (45 revolutions-Vogue – ref: EPL: 8619)


1970/ L'homme orchestre, (45 revolutions-Philips-ref: 6009 088)


1971/ La Folie des grandeurs with Yves Montand (45 revolutions-LP – AZ118)


1973/ Les Aventures de Rabbi Jacob, (45 rpm)


1976/ L'aile ou la Cuisse, (33 RPM-Vogue – LDY 28076)


1978/ The Discord, with Annie Girardot (33 RPM-Warner Bros.)


1980/ L'avare, with Michel Galabru





Stefano Saidi to : A dead man on the run, blow your bank, Si salvi chi può, summer holidays, I, two daughters, three suitcases, three men on the run, his grandfather frozen, 6 constables, who stole the President?, calm girls, today I'm getting married, Blessed among women, delusions of grandeur, Jo and the gazebo, the wing or the thigh?

Carlo Romano to : Totò, Eva e il pennello proibito, crime does not pay, the King of racing, Fantomas 70, two men on the run ... for a shot, Colpo grosso ma non troppo, gendarme in New York, please close the shutters, Fantomas against Scotland Yard, The daily temptations

Lauro Gazzolo to: I tartassati, I ... my son and his girlfriend, the lucky

Elio Pandolfi to: The three business of Mr. Duval, the lucky ones (re-dubbing)

Oreste Lionello to Fantomas threatens the world, the mad adventures of Rabbi Jacob

Leonardo Severini to: Enemies ... for skin

Bruno Lost to: The crossing of Paris