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 Struggles in the shadows 





Foreign spies steal the formula for a revolutionary explosive invented by Italian scientist and to decrypt the secret code kidnap his Secretary who knows. Because the woman does not wish to speak, the gangsters the blackmail by threatening to torture her boyfriend, who was also Assistant to the inventor and he fell into their hands. Through a thousand vicissitudes, the young man manages to break free, but to save the girl, to secure the formula and finally to cripple the gang.


Produced by Diana Film S.A. Dasgupta Taormina, filmed in Cinecittà in the spring of 1939, the film was released on 23 November 1939 before the national.


The film was the first to be the PRC (public Cinematographic Register) at the SIAE, Established by law in the same year. The recording of films was considered necessary to give order to the market, to its copyrights, commercial and tax law. The film was screened in New York in June 1939, before the Italian release reviewed New York Times entertainment pages.



Film Notes 


Original title: Struggles in the shadows

Country of origin: Italy

Year: 1939

Duration: 88 min.

Color: Black/White

Audio: Sound

Kind : drama, espionage, science fiction

Director: Domenico M. Gabriel

Subject: Domenico M. Gabriel

Screenplay: Sergio Amidei, Dominic M. Gabriel

Manufacturer: Tulio Taormina

Production company: Diana Film S.A.

Production And Distribution: I.C.I. (1939)

Photography: Thomas Kemeneffy

Music: Sicilian Ulysses

Art Director: Giorgio Pinzauti


Actors and characters 


Antonio Centa

Paola Barbara

Renato Cialente

Silvana Jachino

Febo Mari

Charles Tambelani

Roberto Bianchi Montero

Giorgio Capecchi

Carlo Duse

Renzo Mahoney

Mario Makawana

Carlo Lombardi

Mario Macias

Driana Paola