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The shoes in the Sun




 A veteran of the war in Africa, along with two young men, one just married, are called to arms to defend the borders of the motherland. Will be the protagonists of dramatic events between assaults, withdrawn, trench life. The old veteran of African war, eventually he will die a hero's death, the other two come back, after the victorious battle, to their homes to tell the dramatic events experienced.



Film notes


Original title: Shoes in the Sun

Country of origin: Italy

Year: 1935

Duration: 90 min

Color: Black/White

Audio: Sound

Kind: Drama

Director: Marco Elter

Subject: Paolo Monelli

Screenplay: Curt Alexander

Producer: Roberto Dandi to associated artists

Distribution: I.C.I. Associated Artists  

Photography: Massimo Terzano  

Music: Antonio Veretti

Art Director: Enrico Verdozzi






Camillo Pilotto

Cesco Baseggio

George Hatch

Carlo Duse

Isa Pola

Nelly Corradi

Dirce Bellini

Nino Marchetti