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 The White Ship 





During World War II sailors boarded an Italian Navy battleship, maintain a close correspondence with the godmother of war. The Marines Stoker Augusto Baso exchanges letters with Elena funds, an elementary school teacher. Elena has divided into two pieces a medal, he held her, half and half sent to Augustus. The two will meet at the train station of Taranto, but when Augustus is about to land, the ship departed suddenly to take part in the fighting of Punta Stilo and Cape Teluada. During the fighting, very Low that sailors are injured including must undergo surgery. Uploaded on health care is transferred to the hospital ship seaplane Arno and placed in the care of the nurses of the volunteer corps, these include Elena recognising Augustus through the Medal, but decides not to reveal the identity. All the wounded are worried about the fate of their ship that still hasn't made it back to port. Elena you dictate by Augustus a letter addressed to herself and writes a letter of reply. After claims he accessed Augusto dog tag worn by Elena realizes and recognizes her. The ship is in port, all the comrades of Augustus finally come out on deck to say hello while he's still laid up in bed. With the help of Elena, who embraces him and lifts it also manages him to see the passage of the ship through the porthole.





Country of origin: Italy

Year: 1941

Duration: 69 minutes

Color: Black/White

Audio: Sound

Genre: War

Director: Roberto Rossellini

Subject: Francesco De Robertis

Screenplay: Francesco De Robertis, Roberto Rossellini

Photography: Joseph Campbell

Editing: Eraldo Da Roma  

Music: Renzo Rossellini

Art Director: Hamlet Bonetti




Produced by Cesare Girosi to Central Navy Cinematography the movie was distributed by Scalera Film. Project monitoring is by Francesco De Robertisi, writer along with Rossellini.


The support of the Ministry made possible shooting in real locations rather than in studio environments reconstructed. Much of the film was shot in the hospital ship Arno and on a battleship. The cast is composed entirely of non-professional actors, many of them members of the ship's crew. After the presentation at the Festival of Venice in 1941. The film was released in France in 1943 under the title La Navire Blanc