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Beauty of Lodi




The film tells the tormented love story between Roberta, a rich and comely young woman of the Lombard bourgeoisie (played by Stefania Sandrelli), Franco Garbagna, a mechanic of the Automobile Club of Italy employed at a Supercortemaggiore service station on the Autostrada del Sole is passionate about go-kart racing. Meeting occasionally on a beach near Marina di Pietrasanta on a summer afternoon, the two embark on a relationship that takes them to various locations in northern Italy. The young Roberta comes to live for some time in a highway motel in order to stay close to her lover in the (vain) attempt to shape him and thus introduce him into the bourgeois world of entrepreneurship and make him a commercial manager in the automotive sector (symbolized in the film by the numerous decapottable darting and vehicles generally filmed in numerous outdoor sequences).



Beauty of Lodi



Language: English


Year: 1963


Country of Production: Italy


Duration: 80 Minutes


Color: Black and White


Genre: Italian comedy


Directed : Mario Missiroli




Screenplay: Mario Missiroli – Alberto Abasino


Producer: Alfredo Bini


Production Company: Arco Film


Distribution: Cineriz


Photograph: Tonino delli Colli


Editing by Nino Bargli


Music: Piero Umiliani


Set design: Danilo Donati


Costumes: Danilo Donati


Makeup: Maria Teresa Corridoni, Goffredo Rocchetti



Performers and characters



Roberta : Stefania Sandrelli


Franco Garbagnati : Àngel Aranda


Roberta's grandmother: Elena Borgo


Annamaria : Maria Monti


Roberta's grandfather: Cesare di Montagnano





Morandini reviews the love story between a rich agrarian of Lodignano and a line of Cremonese mechanics:


" First he takes him to bed, then sends him to prison for theft and finally marries him, ready to invest in the industrial branch."


Entrusted to a nervously shattered script and a picked-up montage, it pulls the target on the provisional, brash and efficient Italy of the economic boom, but rarely hits it.


He lacks the pregnant images, the final scenes and the dazzling moments. 

Bravina la Sandrelli. »