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The Executioner's Ballad




José Luis, an employee of a funeral honors company, married Carmen, the daughter of the country's executioner. Kinship and the need to ensure economic security for his wife and child force him to succeed his father-in-law in the business. For years there were no cases of death sentences, until Jos é Luis was called for a capital execution in Palma de Majorca, and was forced to complete his work before the rather indifferent gaze of his family members.


Title Orignale : El Verdu go

Year: 1963 Spain 

Duration: 95 Minutes

Color: Black and White

Genre: Dramatic

Screenplay: Ennio Flaiano, Luis Garcia Berlanga, Rafael Azcona

Producer: Interlagar Film , Zebra Film

Distribution: Dear Film

Photograph: Tonino Delli Colli

Editing by Alfonso Santacana

Music: Miguel Asins Arbò

Set design: Luis Arguello

Costume design: Humberto Cornejo Riggs





José Luis : Nino Manfredi

Carmen : Emma Panella

Armadeo : José Alberto

The Director of the prison: Guido Alberti Estefania

Maria Luisa Ponte Àlvarez : Angela Alvarez