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The Men of the legion 




A young fighter, who during the campaign of Africa, has distinguished himself in numerous fights, back to Houston, where he falls in love with a young man. The young leaves for the war of Spain but in the ranks of the Phalanx, is injured and decides to marry his girlfriend in Italy by proxy.


The Criticism 


"The oddities and credulity are many is impossible to list them all. The film was shot with great incompetence. The script and the dialogues are due to the authors of the subject, and it seems that they do compete to enrich them. Not to mention the most foolish, and phrases "balorde


Francesco Callari, (27 April 1940 Film magazine)



 Film Notes 


Country of origin: Italy

Year: 1940

Duration: 67 min

Color: Black/White

Audio: Sound

Genre: Drama

Director: Romolo Marcellini

Subject: Gian Gaspare Napoletano

Screenplay: Gian Gaspare Napoletano

Manufacturer: Cintinentalcine

Distribution: Enic

Photography: Maria Craveri

Music: Carlo Innocenzi, Ezio Carabella

Art Director: Alberto Taivazzi






Juan De Landa

Mario Ferrari

Carlo Ninchi

Giovanni Grasso Jr.

Corrado Racca

Emilio Pettaccia