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The man on the cross


Ukraine, Russian front, the summer of 1942; a Department of C.S.I.R. tanks back from an act of war, receives the order to relocate their base camp to help maneuver warfare. Men and equipment moving according to the established plan, except the chaplain of the Department (Tade) which remains to assist a wounded tank crew not transportable. Captured by Russians, manages to escape and finds refuge with the wounded to a cottage where he was able to exercise his apostolate among women and children who have fled.



Film notes


Movie title: The man on the Cross

Country of origin: Italy

Year: 1943

Duration: 88 min.

Color: Black/White

Audio: Sound

Kind: Drama, war

Director: Roberto Rossellini

Subject: Asvero Gravelli

Screenplay: Asvero Gravelli, Alberto Consiglio, John Of Alicandro, Roberto Rossellini.

Production company: Continetalcine for Cines

Distribution: ENIC National Film Industries

Photography: William Langley, Alberto Implements, Rodolfo Lombardi, Giuseppe Rotunno

Music: Renzo Rossellini

Art Director: Gaston Medin


Actors and characters


Alberto Tade: Chaplain

Roswita Schmidt: Irina

Aldo Calixto: A soldier student

Franco Soldati: The Russian soldier wounded

Attilio Dottesio: The wounded tank crew 

Doris Hild: Russian peasant

Gualtiero Islenghi: The Russian soldier party card

Antonio Majetti: Sergey, the people's Commissar

Piero Pastore: The Russian tanker disfigured husband of Irina

Marcello Tanzi: Other Soldier

Zoia Weeda: The Russian peasant parturient

Antonio Surano: The soldier who witnessed the baptism

Frank Parker: The soldier shot