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The Last Wheelchair 




Antonio Urbani is a Roman vetturino. The man has dislike of taxi drivers who he believe are causing the progressive extinction of wheelchairs and their drivers. One of these taxi drivers is his former friend Pasquale, along with his son Roberto. One day Toto gets a canzonettista in his car who is in a hurry to get to the station to catch the train, and in the excited forgets a briefcase on the wheelchair. Soon after Toto, now on the way home, is hit by the car driven by Roberto. The next day Toto reads the announcement of the lost briefcase and work is done to return it to the owner bringing it to the guesthouse where she is staying.


He receives a reward together with his friend Valentino, the roommate of the newly known canzonettist, he will go to bet on a horse race, winning a large sum. But a few days later he is accused by the canzonettista of replacing a precious ring that was in the briefcase with a fake and receives a complaint. He is then in court to defend himself from the acccusa, and it will also be thanks to the help of Roberto that he will be exonerated. 



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Language: English

Country of production: Italy

Year of production : 1943 

Color : Black and white 

Audio: Sound 

Genre : Comedy 

Director : Mario Mattoli 

Subject: Aldo Fabrizi 

Screenplay: Federico Fellini – Aldo Fabrizi

Production company: Continentalcine

Distribution: Associated Artists

Photograph: Tino Santoni

Editing: Fernando Tropea

Scenography : Piero Filippone




Aldo Fabrizi : Toto, the old man

Anna Magnani: Mary Dunchetti the canzonettist

Anita Durante: Adele wife of Toto

Enzo Fiermonte : Roberto Pinelli

Tino Scotti : Valentino Doriani, the comedian

Aristide Garbini : Pasquale Pinelli

Lauro Gazzolo : Andrea

Emilio Baldanello: Defence lawyer

Giulio Battiferri : Vetturino

Cireo Berardi : Oreste Nardi 

Gustavo Cacini: Vagabond who has quarrels with Roberto

Hamlet Patrons: Public Prosecutor

Totò Mignone: A Lord at trial

Hyacinth Molteni: Pretore

Renato Mariani : Traveller

Greta Kaiser: Ivy, Ballerina 

Carlo Lantaffi : Tassinaro

Pasqualino Fasciano: Prisoner

OReste Fares: Doctor

Leopoldo Valentini : Ottone Roncucci

Guido Verdiani: Commissioner of Public Safety

Alberto Sorrentino: Customer asking to get on the barrel

Olga Solbelli: Mistress of flora pension

Mario Ruccione: Master of music

Corrado Racca: Civil party lawyer 

Paolo Ferara: Man who scams racecourse

Nando Bruno : Augusto Pallotta 

Vittorio Cuomo : Philip

Marina Doge : Nannarella's friend