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The Siege of the Alcazar 




Renactment of the siege of the Alcázar in Toledo garrison during the resistance of the military and the population during the Spanish civil war. Over a month of siege of antifranchisti, with the narrative of everyday life, of births and deaths, the hardship of families terrified and the military who oppose the attempts of the enemy to enter the fortified wall.


"The siege of the Alcazar actually had the intentions, but not the results, epic ... in Genina characters, at least in history, have a comedic and stature seem removed from one of the brilliant events that made up the largestproduction of the period "


(G. Norman)


"Built on a slender plot, the work achieves its most effective effects in crowd scenes, both with regard to the first part with explicit references to Russian cinematography (...) and for the dramatic and emotional buildup of the finale with a loud crescendo tension. Documentary tone is a further strong point and it is one that engages the Viewer, giving the impression of historical reality "


(Gian Piero Brunetti)





 Film Notes 


Country of origin: Italy/Spain

Year: 1940

 Duration: 112 min

Color: Black/White

Audio: Sound

Kind: Drama, War

Directed By: Augusto Genina

Subject: Augusto Genina, Alessandro De Stefani

Manufacturer: Renato and Carlo Babu

Distribution: 1940 I.C.I.

Photography: Francesco Izzarelli, Vincenzo Seratrice

Editing: Fernando Tropea

Music: Antonio Veretti

Art Director: Gaston Medim




Fosco Gamage

Mary Dennis

Aldo Fiorelli

Andra Castro

Carlo Tamberlani

Silvio Bagolini

Adele Garavaglia

Carlo Duse

Guglielmo Sinaz

Checco Rissone

Oreste Fares

Ugo Sasso

Cesare Polacco

Nino Marchetti

Anita Farra

Nino Crisman

Cyrus Baguio

Felice Romano

Guido Notari

Pietro Pastore

Guglielmo Sinaz

Antony Mackenzie